Room 17 Newsflash

Winter Edition 2015

Written by the 1st and 2nd grade students of Room 17 John Lyman School

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Author Visit for "The Universe of Fair"

Leslie Bulion is an author. Our class read a book written by her. On the fourteenth of January, Leslie came to Room 17 in John Lyman School! We made questions, comments, and compliments on index cards for Leslie Bulion. Leslie Bulion wrote ten books. She is working on two more. We think it was really exciting that an author came to our school. We hope another one will come too!

Written by Tessa and Hazel

Click below to visit Leslie's Website

If you visit her blog you will see several comments from some very familiar children. Also, the kids and I are excited as Leslie shared information about her newest book coming out very soon!


In the book, The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me they have a window cleaning service that the giraffe, the pelican and the monkey run. There is a boy too. We are reading this book because we started fiction writing and this book is a fiction. We got a planning paper and answered questions so that we can make up a story. In fiction writting, we make up new characters. We will write stories in our new fiction journals. We think you should write fiction too!

By Alli and Alexandra

Making Paper

Everyone had an amazing time with Mrs. Martin learning how paper was made. After we made our paper we watched an amazing video with Mr. Rogers showing how construction paper is made. It can be viewed at

Here is the link:

New Opportunity at John Lyman School

ECHOs are when some kids go to other classrooms and learn technology and other activities. Some people in “For the Birds” make things for all kinds of birds and other kinds of animals too. They learn about birds and what they eat. In coding, people code on computers. There is gym for body activities, and learning sports around the world. Kids are excited about being in their ECHOs. ECHOs are on some Fridays at the end of the day.

By Ethan and Andrew

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Adopting an Endangered Animal

We sold over 100 ornaments and raised over $50 for the National Wildlife. The ornaments were sold for fifty cents. The class made over 125 ornaments. There were also several donations. Lots of people bought the ornaments we sold.

By Finn, Taylor, and Alec


In math we play with numbers and ten frames. We play a game called “Race to 100”. It is fun because you get to play with units, rods and dice. We have a bunch of hundreds flats, but we don’t have a lot of thousands cubes. We also made paintings that we put a place value on. Each mountain, tree, and animal had a value. If you want, you can see these in the display case.

By Leah and Ivy

Morning Meeting Games

There are a lot of games in morning meeting. One of the games is “Four Corners”. Another one is “Guess Who?” which is fun. In the morning we have meeting and after morning meeting the class plays the game. We can’t play the same game two times in a week. The reason we play the games is so we have fun, are happy, and learning.

By Aidan and Silas

Mystery Tree Makers

We all had a person to make a tree for we had sticks with our names and we pulled one out and that is the person that we got. We could use any art materials. We made our trees at home. At school we could guess who made our trees. Some of us guessed right and some of us guessed wrong, but is it was still fun. We felt excited to open our presents. Every tree was very different.

By Mary Spenceley and Lauren

Making Clay Snowmen

We made snowmen out of clay. Each snowman represents one member of our family. We made tally marks and a chart to know how many snowmen we had made. We also made ten frames using units. In total, everyone made 86. The things we learned all about our families!

By Shiloh and Aubrey

Living Bulletin Board

We put animals on the Living Bulletin Board. The bulletin board helps us learn about animals and trees. We all picked an animal to learn about. The kids in Room 17 researched the animals. We all have a good time learning about animals in Room 17.

By Adam and Alec