The Bubonic Plague

Killer of 20 million in only 3 years

Causes of The Bubonic Plague (The Black Death)

The Bubonic Plague was caused by bacteria, some people think that it started from fleas that have been infected by biting rats, they then bite a human and infect him/her.

How this disease spreads

The most common way of getting infected is getting bitten by an infected flea, but there are more ways of being infected: There's a small chance of this, but you'll be infected when handling infected animal tissues, and very rarely you'll get infected when coming in contact with one who has been infected.


Below are some ways to treat this disease

Ways to treat The Bubonic Plague

What you can do is use antibiotics that have streptomycin, gentamicin, or for oral therapy you can use doxycycline.

1 way to reduce the chance of being infected

You can try to reduce being in contact with fleas, or other animals that may have been infected.

4 interesting facts about the Bubonic Plague

This was known as The Black Death in 1348 to 1352, it killed about 20 million people in Europe. The Black Death was taken to Europe by ships, they were filled with infected fleas, which infected humans as well. In 1348 to 1352 Jews, gypsies and other groups were blamed for the deaths, many of them were killed. Europe wasn't the first country to get the plague, many other countries had gotten the plague before Europe.