New York Your Next Destination!

Hope on Those Get Away Sticks and Run to New York!

Work hard Play Harder!

Come to New York today! Houses are cheap and you can find a job on any corner, or make your own invention! Houses are building by the thousands with your name on it. After you make a clam doing a days work don't be a wet blanket and enjoy the night life. We have speakeasies, jazz, and the finest flappers around. I'm tellin you it's the cat's pajamas.

Party City:

Every night, everywhere, all the time you can find a club in NYC. Flappers roam the town looking for a good time. Enjoy some shine at a speakeasy (you didn't hear that from us).


NYC: Awesome, Exiting, Fun!

Why do you want to come to New York?

The real question is why wouldn't you come to New York?