Volcanic eruptions

Describe the pyroclastic material and magma

What is pyroclastic material

Pyroclastic material is fragments of rock that form during a volcanic eruption because of the rapidly expanding gases in the magma. Other fragments material form when the volcanic erupting lava cools and solidify as they fly through the air. Pyroclastic is form by the felsic that mostly the pyroclastic material is form. But the mafic is the types of lava their are.

What is lava flows?

The types of lava their are three kinds of lava. This three types of lava are different from each other because they all have a different kind of design it has that know we can tell a part from all three lava. The three types of lava are pahoehoe, blocky lava, and Aa lava

Types of volcanoes

Volcanic activity produces a variety of characteristic features that form during both quiet and explosive eruption. The lava and pyroclastic material that ate ejected during volcanic eruptions build up around the vent and form volcanic cones.