Le ponts des arts

By: Natalie Chapman

What is it?

Le ponts des arts is a bridge most known around the world for couples placing locks onto it to represent their everlasting love.
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This pedestrian bridge located in Paris, France crosses the River Seine, links to the Institut de France and to le cour carrée of Le Palais du Louvre. Its upstream is Pont Neuf and its downstream being Pont du Carrousel.
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History of Bridge (not locks)

This bridge has a history of success and failures by engineers Louis-Alexandre de Cessart, Jacques Dillon and Louis Arretche. The first construction of the bridge was between the years of 1802 and 1804. This was the first metal bridge in Paris. The visuals of the creators of the first bridge, Louis-Alexandre De Cessart and Jacques Dillon had been to be a bridge resembling a garden with trees, tons of flowers, and benches. In 1976 the bridge received its first inspection and had results of several deficiencies. This resulted in the bridge being closed in the year 1977. In 1981 to 1984 a copy of the bridge was made by Louis Arretche. He decided to downsize the number of arches from nine to seven to imitate the structure of the Pont Neuf bridge.


Many young people in Paris, France enjoy to go to Le Ponts des arts to have picnics where it is common to do so. The bridge has served as an art exhibition for people to enjoy. Many couples go to place their locks onto the bridge and then throw the key into the river.

Fun facts

-A very famous argentine book called "Rayuela" is about Le Ponts des arts.

-This bridge is considered a World Heritage Site.

-Le Ponts des arts is a "studio en plein air" which means a studio in plain air. Photographers, painters, and artists are able to present their work and enjoy others.

-Le Ponts des arts is known for its love locks in which you place a lock onto the bridge and throw the key out into the river as a romantic gesture.

-First metal bridge in Paris

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What makes it so unique?

Le Ponts des arts is a unique historical monument due to its history of past attempts of creating this bridge and the not to long ago invented, Love Locks.
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History of the Love Locks

Le Ponts des arts is most known here in the states for its locks placed on the bridge representing one's love. This tradition began in 2008 when tourists attached locks with their first names written onto the railing of the bridge. Afterwards the key to the locks would be thrown out into the river. The whole idea behind this was too represent a couple's committed love.
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The take down

In recent news, the newly tradition of placing the love locks is now being taken down. In February 2014 it was estimated that the bridge had about 700,000 locks and with the upcoming summer season there would be many more. It was even said that there were so many and not enough space, that people began to place locks onto other locks. There was also a concern because the weight of all the locks was affecting the structure of the bridge. In June 1, 2015 panels of locks were being taken down.
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