Honors World Geography

Mrs. Tiffany Dahlberg

Sorry I Missed You!

I'm so sorry that I was not able to be at Open House! However, I hope that this will help you better understand this course and its requirements.

As for me, this is my eighth year as a teacher. After student teaching here at Pope, I began my teaching career in Fulton County before returning to Pope in 2013. World Geography is my FAVORITE course to teach and learn! I'm always excited about what's next in our class.

The Dahlbergs are a family of teachers. My husband teaches World History at Kennesaw Mountain High School, and we have family members teaching all over the Southeast. We have a beautiful baby girl, Kinsey, who is almost two. We have two dogs, Lilly and Bohannon, and live on a beautiful mountain in northern Cherokee County.

I am the school's coordinator for the Governor's Honors Program and sponsor the Octagon Club.

Course Info

Students in Honors World Geography will will cover the first three units of our course this semester: Physical Geography, Cultural Geography, and Political Geography. I suggested that students keep a binder for my course, but as long as they have some organizational system that allows them to produce work when asked for, I am not picky.

At the beginning of each unit, I will update the class calendar to include upcoming assignments and assessment dates. Students should be mindful of the timing of larger assignments, and schedule accordingly. I am available to help them plan out their workload during AO.

Most quizzes in my classroom do not include "word banks" -- and students are expected to know how to correctly spell place names and vocabulary words. Students will complete a map quiz every Monday (and one Tuesday! (9/3). As Honors students, they must achieve a score of 80 or higher on each map quiz. If the student earns less than an 80, they will retake that quiz along with the next quiz on the following Monday. The student will then receive an average of of the two grades. Unit quizzes can be a variety of multiple choice, using words in a sentence, completing analogies, and fill in the blank type questions.

Unit tests encompass all information included in a single unit, and may build upon information from previous units. Tests are always multiple choice and generally consist of fifty questions. The final exam for this semester will be 100 multiple choice questions.

I really hope that I've answered all of your questions, but if not-- please feel free to reach out to me. My email is listed below and that is the best and quickest way to reach me. Thanks for letting me teach your wonderful students!

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