President of the United States

By: Brayden Nordine

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Becoming the president may seem like a very cool thing to do, but there's a lot you may not know about what it takes to get the job and run the country. Here's what you need to know about the president and what they do.


In order to become president, you must:

  • Be a natural born citizen of the United States
  • Be at least 35 years old
  • Have lived in the United States for at least 14 years

Powers of the President

The constitution gives the president several powers in order to run the country. These powers are:

Executive Powers:

  • Being the Commander in Chief of the US army and navy
  • Granting reprieves and pardons for offences against the US
  • Taking care that all laws be faithfully executed

Diplomatic Powers:

  • Creating treaties
  • Receiving ambassadors and other public ministers

Judicial Legislative Powers:

  • Appointing certain government officials
  • Filling vacancies in the senate
  • Giving congress information of the State of the Union
  • Convening both houses
  • Commissioning all the officers of the US

I believe that the most important power is being able to make sure that all laws are being faithfully executed. This is because the president can make sure that the laws are fair and aren't executed with any kind of discrimination.

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Leadership Qualities

There are several qualities that the president needs to be able to efficiently run the country. These are some of the most important ones in my opinion:

  • Consensus building: Being able to gather support from a wide variety of people.
  • Dynamic conflict resolution: Being able to come up with solutions to conflicts and making peace.
  • Being able to handle change: Able to deal with the changing world, with its new technology and ideals.
  • Trustworthy: making good decisions that can keep the trust of the citizens.
  • Making clear, time-bound goals: Being able to say what the most important issues are and making people to focus their efforts on fixing those issues.

Roles of the President

The president has several important roles that they must do.

Party Leader:

  1. The current president is a Democrat
  2. The president can help other people in his party get elected
  3. the other people in the party can continue to support his policies

Commander in Chief:

  1. Having a civilian be commander in chief could be beneficial because the army can get an outside perspective on a situation, or they could be more willing to try diplomacy.
  2. a drawback could be that they are inexperienced to war and could make a wrong decision.

Chief Executive:

  1. There was a recent executive order that took steps to increase competition and inform consumers and workers in order to grow the economy.
  2. Article II

Chief of State

  1. Presidents have visited US cities during serious disasters, such as hurricane Katrina and 9/11.
  2. They would try to get people to support the troops, and possibly join them.

Chief Diplomat:

  1. The president met with the leaders of Sierra Leone, Senegal, Malawi, and Cape Verde a few years ago. Obama visited Cuba, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia recently. Most of these visits were made to improve relations.
  2. The US has several allies, such as the UK, Canada, and France. Relations with these countries are still very strong today.

Chief Legislator:

  1. The biggest controversial piece of legislation that the president passed through congress would have to be Obamacare.
  2. On order to pass his plan for healthcare, he had to create a big 11-page reform.


  • Party Leader, The president helps other people in his party get elected, and they support the president in return.
  • Commander-in-Chief: The president is in charge of the Army and the Navy, But he is still a civilian who is not in military service.
  • Chief Executive: The president can create laws with the help of his agencies. This role is given to the president in Article 2 of the constitution.
  • Chief of State: The president represents the country at public events, such as when he visits American cities during times of distress, such as after Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.
  • Chief Diplomat: The president visits foreign leaders in order to do several things, such as improving relations or developing foreign policy. An example of this is when Obama visited Cuba recently in order to mark the end of their 54 year tensions between us.
  • Chief Legislator: The president can promote his ideas to congress in order to try to get a certain law passed. An example is when Obama went to congress in order to pass Obamacare.

If I Was President

I would probably try to find a way to fix our Immigration problems, especially regarding illegal immigrants.

Facts and Statistics

  • There are currently about 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.
  • About 700,000 illegal immigrants are coming into America every year
  • Many job owners will hire illegal immigrants so that they can pay them less money
  • The states with the most illegal immigrants are Texas and California

How I Would Do It

In order to fix our problems with illegal immigration, I would use:

Constitutional powers: I could use my power to create laws, which is given to the president from the constitution, in order to make laws that could either help the immigrants in the US or increasing security at the border to prevent more illegal immigrants from coming in.

Presidential Roles: I could use my role as Chief Legislator to convince members of congress to support my plans, and I could use my role as Party Leader to have members of my party to support me as well.

Leadership Qualities: I would use consensus building and conflict resolution in order to help gain support and to come up with compromises to any disagreements that may come up.