Granger Weekly Newsletter

What's Up This Week?

Monday is Labor Day!

Enjoy your day off! Come back on Tuesday with at least one interesting story from your weekend to share with your team. Challenge - Make them laugh! The person who makes their team laugh loudest wins, 'Best 3-Day Weekend Story!'

Prize? Bragging Rights!

September Birthdays

Jaclyn Meng - September 8 - This Tuesday!

Maggie Smith - September 16

Lara Barbiaux - September 26

Please advise if I left anyone off the September birthday list!

Grandparents Day

It's actually on Sunday, September 13, but we're celebrating it on Friday, September 11. Lunch times are definitely going to be a little wonky.
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Lounge Option Winner

The most popular option was for the round table to stay and for the extra couch to go bye-bye. The good news is that we have ideas for a lounge for the other building on our radar (hopefully) next summer, so the couch will be going to a good home! P.S. Extra chairs will appear at the round table. Just don't ask how. ;)
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