Mixed and improper fractions

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You may see fractions such as 4/2 shown you may think that these fractions are wrong or don't make any sense but they do! they are improper and are over 1 whole.

What do I do with the improper fractions?

With the confusing fractions just remember how much of that fraction makes a whole for example with 7/2 I remember that 2/2 makes a whole so I count by 2s 2,4,6,8 remember to never go ahead the numerator so I stop at 6 and count how many times I counted by 2s to get there 3 so we have part of our answer 3 but we still have some work count how much you left behind in this case it is 1/2 so finally, the answer is put both the numbers together and get.............. 3 1/2

Mixed numbers

Now you cant have improper fractions without ....................................mixed numbers they have a whole number and a fraction !

and more mixed numbers

A mixed number needs a number and a fraction. remember 3 1/2? YUP! That's a mixed number. Do you see the number and the fraction? 3 the number represents 3 wholes. 1/2 the fractions represents a half of a whole. put them together and you get a mixed number! Its pronounced three and one half. Always remember the and between the number and fraction. Its important !

What do I do with mixed numbers?

A problem like this can be very tricky. You would have to make a mixed number a improper fractions Well To start lets take a mixed number let see .................. How about 2 1/3? lets count by 1/3s lets see 1/3 ,2/3 , 3/3 [ 1] , 4/3 [1 1/3 ], 5/3 [1 2/3] , 6/3 [2] , 7/3 [ 2 1/3] there is your answer 7/3 . remember to keep track of the mixed number form of the improper fractions so you know where to stop.

How mixed numbers are to inproper fractions

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