Budweiser's "A Hero's Welcome"

Superbowl Commercial "A Hero's Welcome"

The Budweiser Super Bowl commercial “A Hero’s Welcome” (2014), illustrates that Budweiser beer is a patriotic American drink that brings family and friends together during special times. Budweiser makes an emotional connection by showing a U.S. soldier’s heartwarming return to his hometown where his friends and family joyfully gathered in a parade to welcome him back home from deployment. Budweiser uses these emotional moments of love from the town and a special embrace between the soldier and his mother in order to make a relatable and meaningful connection between American people and joy that Budweiser beer brings. The audience addressed in this commercial are passionate and patriotic Americans who are proud to be a part of their country and appreciate those who fight for it; the tone is heartfelt and jubilant.

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