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Washington School - March 16, 2015

PBS KIDS Writers Contest

The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is open to any student, in grades K-3, who wants to write and illustrate his or her own story.

Teachers can help students by brainstorming story ideas and teaching appropriate writing skills.

To access worksheets and a writing guide, visit the PBS KIDS Writers Contest resource page and select Support Materials > Student Handout. If you want to learn more about the PBS KIDS Writers Contest, submit a story, read winning entries, and try out the story mash-up tool, visit pbskids.org/writerscontest.

Google Drive iPad Apps

In the past, iPad users were able to edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from the Google Drive app. Google has now released 3 different standalone apps (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) that are required if you want to edit a document, spreadsheet, or presentation on a mobile device. The Google Drive app, which is the only Google app currently installed on our Gen Ed iPads, can solely be used to upload and download files to Google Drive. The standalone apps will be put onto our iPads during our next round of installations.

Storyboard That

Storyboard That is a great tool that can be integrated into any subject area. On this site, students can create stories in a comic strip layout, much like ComicLife. Storyboard That provides a large collection of scenes, characters, and text bubbles that can be used to fill in frames. The site includes templates that students can select to analyze plot elements of stories they have read or to create their own. Completed storyboards can be saved as a comic strip, a set of images (one file for each frame), or as a PowerPoint slideshow.

Storyboard That offers a free 2-week trial. Paid education accounts are $9.95 a month or $59.95 a year.


Grades are due Monday, March 23 at 8:30am. If you have any questions about Gradebook, please contact Pat.

Green Screen Schedule

Please click here to view this week's green screen announcements by Mrs. Lucas' 1st grade class.

March 17: Corbett

March 24: Larson


April 14: Amelse

April 21: Weil

*Dates indicate days in which announcements are TAPED. They will air the following Monday.

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