Friday Focus

Friday, January 8, 2016 . . . vol. 3, no. 17

Friday Focus is a quick digest of news and notes for members of the Indianapolis Public Library Shared System.
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Building Blocks Academy Book Fair

This is not your fundraising book fair, full of paperback books and pricy erasers. No. At Building Blocks Academy (BBA), students create presentations about books they have read. They invite their families and everyone comes to tour the display. Like a science fair, students stand next to their boards and answer questions. They even have judges! A kindergartener created this display board for the book I Love My Hair, complete with samples of real hair.

To see more, check out this slide show.

New Members Added Monday

The Shared System went live at five new locations Monday! You will begin to see some new location codes very soon.

ICAN - Indianapolis College Preparatory School (public charter). Allen Wright is resurrecting the library at the location of the former Andrew Academy near 38th and Sherman. With help from East 38th Street branch, his students are equipped with library cards and should be using them soon.

IPARL - Arlington High School (IPS). Media specialist Charles Swink is desperate to get books into the hands of his kids. He told me this morning their AP English teacher surveyed all 95 AP English students. Just one student knew she had a library card.

OAKB - The Oaks Academy, Brookside (private)

OAKF - The Oaks Academy, Fall Creek (private)

OAKM - The Oaks Academy, Middle School (private)

We're especially happy to welcome all three Oaks Academy locations after three years of conversation. As part of their transition to the Shared System, they reclassified their juvenile materials. Their students, who are from all over the city, will know where to find what they need when they visit their nearest branch library!

Collections at these five locations will not be requestable until later this semester to give their library staff a chance to get comfortable with Horizon.

Remember, you can find contact information for everyone in the Shared System, as well as calendars and delivery schedules on the Shared System Extranet.

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Monday is a big day in the world of publishers, book stores, libraries, authors and children's book aficionados. Wondering what people are guessing will win on Monday? Here are the results of some of mock Caldecotts from around the Midwest! (You still have time to find some on the shelf at a branch to bring to school Monday and astonish your students!

Carmel Clay Public Library Mock Caldecott:

Winner: Float, by Daniel Muyares

Honors: If You Plant a Seed, Kadir Nelson

Night World, Mordicai Gerstein

Moon is Going to Addy’s House, Ida Pearle

We Forgot Brock!, Carter Goodrich

Allen Country Public Library Mock Caldecott

Winner: Bird & Diz, illustrated by Ed Young

Honor: Drowned City, Dan Brown

Float, Daniel Muyares

The Night World, Mordicai Gerstein

Cincinnati & Dayton Mock Caldecott

Winner: If You Plant a Seed, Kadir Nelson

Honors: The Bear Ate Your Sandwich, Julia Sarcone-Roach

The Moon is Going to Addy’s House, Ida Pearle

The Night World, Mordicai Gerstein

Here are some of the mock Newbery results that have been posted:

Online mock at Heavy Medal

Also Travis at 100 Scope Notes and Betsy at Fuse #8 Production have been making predictions:

Stay tuned for Monday, January 11th! The announcements start at 8 a.m. EST. I will be watching and typing furiously as the announcements are made, so watch for a Special Edition Friday Focus (Monday Medal Monitor maybe?) with all the results as soon as the Newbery is announced!

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