Knox News!

October 2017

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October News!

Hello Knox Parents! We are very excited about all of the great things going on at Knox. We are looking forward to celebrating your student's hard work and academic success on our upcoming 6-week progress reports. Students will be celebrated at our ASB Pep Rally.

Our AVID students had the opportunity to attend a Peace Rally at Millennial Tech, and our ASB students attended the ASB conference in Del Mar.


We are finishing our first and second chapters in our CPM math curriculum. Your students have math homework every night. Nightly practice supports conceptual understanding for our students. Students can get help with their math homework in 201 at lunch time, or during Saturday School. We want all of our students to have success in math!

Homework help can also be found here.


Our students participated in an On-Demand writing prompt in their English Class. This gave our team a baseline to measure student writing progress during the school year.

Our students have begun work on Module 1 of the Engage NY ELA curriculum. More detailed information on that unit can be found here. To support learning at home, ask your students about the novels they are beginning in English class.


Please remind your students to lock all valuables in their PE locker.


Students succeed academically when they attend school consistently. On time daily attendance is very important. When students are absent, they miss 6 class lessons. Students are encouraged to make up all missed days in Saturday School. Saturday School is open from 8:00am-12:00pm each weekend. Students will be served breakfast. We celebrate perfect attendance at our 6-week pep rallies. Our Knox students are very responsible about making up missed days.


This month, Lincoln's Head Counselor will be visiting Knox to meet with all 8th grade students to choose courses for next year. If you have questions about high school, please email Ms. Watkins our Knox Head Counselor (, and she can connect you with the High School Staff.

Also, by the end of the month, all 5th grade students from Porter, Nye, Valencia Park, Chavez, Baker and Balboa will have had a chance to visit Knox to learn more about Middle School.

Pride in our campus:

Our ASB is working on celebrating students that take pride in our campus, by offering to help staff keep our campus clean, with a Bulldog Beautification Lunch. Please remind your student of their responsibility to keep campus clean. Due to the excessive waste from wrappers, gum and candy are not allowed at school.

Here are a few highlights:

-Our Robotics team is preparing for competition at High Tech High in November. Students took a Saturday trip to the Midway to learn more about this year's First Lego League Competition.

-Our MESA club has begun their meetings and our Knox basketball team has started practicing.

-Knox has a new art club! It will meet Wednesday after school.

-Red Ribbon week is October 23rd. Our students pledge to make healthy life choices.

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End of 1st Progress Reporting Period-10/13- Grades to be mailed home

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Food Pantry

Wednesday, Oct. 11th, 9:45-10:45am

1098 South 49th Street

San Diego, CA

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Parent Circle + Food Pantry

Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 8:45-10:45am

1098 South 49th Street

San Diego, CA

Join us for the Parent Circle in room 15 from 8:45-9:45 and get first entrance into the Food Pantry.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Federal Survey Cards go home 10/4. Please return them to your child's Advisory teacher.

Red Ribbon Week

Monday, Oct. 23rd, 8am

1098 South 49th Street

San Diego, CA

There is still space in Primetime after school.

If you want to enroll your student, please call us at 619-344-5500. Students can join clubs and get homework help daily.


In October, Arc will be offering three clubs: Mad Science, Textural Art, and Sports Club; each of which will be lead by Arc's program leaders.

Lincoln Cluster Meeting

Monday, Oct. 9th, 5:30-6:45pm

445 South 47th Street

San Diego, CA

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Key Contacts


Principal-Heather Potter-

Vice Principal- Alex Villalobos-

Head Counselor-M-Z- Lori Watkins-

Counselor- A-L- Sherri Penaloza-

Restorative Practices Coordinator-Jeff Ponsford-

Registration-Linda Manabat-

Transportation and Power School Parent Portal- Solange Sachs-