What We Do

Hope is a non-profit organization that helps in the care of orphans around the world. We help in the housing and feeding of these children in crisis. We also help provide the children with new guardians and families so they can have a happier lifestyle.

The Problem

Orphans around the world keep increasing. Currently in the US there are over 104,000 legal orphans waiting for families to adopt them and call them their own (icareaboutorphans.org). These children live in foster homes and go from home to home, they never have no permanency in their lives (icareaboutorphans.org). Every year 20,00 orphans "age out" and are discarded and hardly ever adopted )orphancoalition.org). There are over 163 million orphans in the world and climbing (theorphanfoundation.org). Orphan care is critical for the orphans who can or will not be adopted (orphanslifeline.org).

Our Solution

The foster care organizations are nearly four times larger than they once were (orphancoaltion.org) . We provide homes for the children. Talking to people and possibly future parents is key to making a future for these bright children. There has been an increase of orphan care by almost four times, we plan to contribute to this increase.

Hope also provides food drives for the families adopting orphans since taking in another child can be slightly load bering. Our plan is to decrease the orphan population in the world by half and help as much as we can. We know there are other orphanages and non-profit organizations, but we come to the core. We get to know the orphans and we talk to the possible future fathers and or mothers and see if they are right for the child.


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Winter Hawley-Bourcier & Tristan Rowley