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Back to School 2019

How Can We Serve You??

We know this is a busy time. Please don't hesitate to call us and let us know how we can better serve you and your school. We are here to help in any way that we can.

You Asked... We Answered... Leading as One Questions

Question: I recommend someone in-house for a promotion w/in the school. Why do I as the supervisor need to complete reference forms? We looked into this and adjusted our practice based on your feedback so now the practice is...Document that the person making the recommendation is the current principal for at least one year on the HR 7 and submit.

Question: Read to Succeed - Is there a way to revisit expectations? What happens if teachers don’t do it? How to know if teachers have completed? Remember that Instruction is there to support you with the R2S coursework. However,

Sharetta was about to access a report on the state department website. It may not be the most stellar, but we will pull & will present to you at your ADEPT Orientation on either 8/29-30. It is up to the teacher to follow up with Instruction on coursework and/or the State Department and/or Sharetta with what they have completed. Hopefully, this will help.

Question: In Frontline there is an email sent to candidates not selected -- Can the timeline be tweaked to ensure principals have the chance to talk to them first?


This email (below) is sent to remaining candidates, but only after the recommended person has been board-approved (Meredith Falls uses the board reports to close postings).

Dear __________________,

The _______________ position you applied for at ________________ has been filled. Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities in our district! We would like to encourage you to continue to check our job posting and apply for any other vacancies that may interest you.

Thank you,
Lexington County School District One
Office of Human Resources

Question: Does Special Services have to sign off on special ed hires? At this time, yes. We have set up a meeting with Special Services to see if we need to change or amend this in any way.

Question:We need more communication in regards to certified recommendations - when they are approved and when contract is signed. Teresa is reaching out to teachers once they are approved at board meetings and copying principals. We are looking into better ways to improve our practice in regards to contract returns/communication and hope you will see change coming your way!


The HR12 is a form that should be turned in for EVERY NEW SUPPORT STAFF employee to list the expected number of hours to be worked. It should be submitted to HR before they begin work as part of the Onboarding process. PLEASE NOTE: You should also submit to HR a new HR12 if an employee changes work hours in your building. This ensures that the employee and CS is aware that the hours the employee will be working are changing. You should also send a new HR12 if a support staff employee moves to a new position so that the HR12 reflect the new position and therefore potentially the new hours. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Kate at 1037.

Evaluation Matrix

Remember this is is a tool that you can use to locate all evaluations for your staff. The most up to date copy can always be found here. We will unpack this more at your Expanded ADEPT Orientation (for building administrators). It can be found on our HR webpage at all times. However, I would highly suggest a great shortcut or easy link on your desktop.

Our HR Goal - To Visit All New Lex 1 New Teachers 1st Semester

To support your school and our new to Lexington One teachers, our HR Admin team will be coming to check in on our new teachers. We may contact your schools for a schedule so that we can pop in and make sure they have what they need, gather some feedback on what we can do better,etc.. We want to make sure they know how amazing we think they are! Look for us to head your way soon...

Expanded ADEPT Administrator Orientation

We're looking forward to seeing every administrator for the Expanded ADEPT Administrator Orientation on August 29 or 30. During this orientation, we'll touch base on evaluation for all employees, navigating SCLead and will work hard to answer any evaluation questions that you might have! Remember also that any administrators who have not been trained in the South Carolina Mentoring Program (beginning in 2015) should plan to attend the September 6 administrator mentor training. Let Kimberly Freeman know at if you need to sign up for either of these trainings!

HR Hiring Guide

If you had the opportunity to come to our HR Hiring Session, you had the chance to preview our HR Hiring Guide. We would like to give everyone a preview of the draft form of this guide to begin using. Soon we will be sharing some training opportunities for this guide to learn about various portions of this important tool. We will also be attending some of your principal and AP meetings to share information--as well as DLT. Until then, dig in and feel free to utilize any portions that would be beneficial. We would love your feedback on parts that are helpful, parts that need revision, parts that might need to be placed on Frontline, etc..


The online application for Volunteers will go live on September 1, 2019! Please contact Shannon Williamson with any questions or concerns. The HR64 volunteer form will no longer be accepted via paper form after this date. If you have any questions, please contact Shannon at 1061.

Induction Institute

The Institute was wonderful and our new Lexington One teachers are amazing!!! We truly enjoyed meeting with them. Remember, if you need any help in supporting them this year, please feel free to reach out. If you want to see the agendas and work reviewed with them, please take a look at the 2019 ITLI Landing Page .