Loyalty to culture/traditions

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What is loyalty to a culture/tradition?

Loyalty to culture and tradition consists that of customs, beliefs, etc that are passed from generation to generation. Loyalty in the Indian Asian culture pertains to following 'guidelines' that they have set, such as their religion(s), the way they dress, and marriage, etc.


In India the most important thing is the family. India emphasizes family integrity, family loyalty and family unit. Families in india stick to particular ideas. Indian family is known as strong, stable, close, resilient and enduring. The ideal family in india consists of a joint family, which contains of kinsmen, and typically involves three or four living generations, this includes aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and grandparents. They all live in the same household. There are several families living in different rooms located in the same house. The family members share common incomes, common properties and the same eating area. The elderly, widows, never-married adults and disabled are supported by the family. They also help one another out during times when they are faced with unemployment, they have the support and togetherness which providing security among the family. People in the Indian culture have at one point all participated in a joint family.
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In the image above, it shows Indian women doing a cultural dance that they do during festivals to celebrate something coming from a person of power.
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In the image above, it shows very intricate artwork that is traditionally a very common like for indian/asian artwork
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