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Is The River for you?

The River is a really interesting book by Gary Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen is a very detailed writer which is why I think you'll like The River.

The River is a good book with a twist in the dialog every page you turn.

Gary Paulsen was in the war so he writes about his experiences.

Having rifles armed, creating shelter with scraps, and when mosquitos are not attracted to you ( fires around).

If you like a good twist, detailed writing with interesting vocabulary this is the book for you!

Realistic Fiction


The River Essay

Brian And Derek land in a forest similar to the one Brian was stranded in 6 months ago. When he blows of the gear they sent him Brian and Derek head into the forest. They collected wood and placed it in front of a boulder (big rock), this created shelter. They thought they were doing a good thing until a thunderstorm hit. That was the moment Brian discovered he made a big mistake. This shelter was not enough.

Lacy Miller