JB Marks

John Belhumeur


John Beaver (JB) Marks was a teacher, political activist, president of the Transvaal Branch of the ANC and one of the leaders of the 1952 Defiance Campaign. In 1929, he became the chairman of the Communist Party of South Africa. After a near assassination, Marks became more determined to end apartheid. Later in 1942, JB Marks became the president of the African Mine Workers Union. Marks was sentenced to bans and imprisonment but refused to give up his fight.

JB Marks is a significant figure in the anti-apartheid movement because of his leadership demonstrated throughout his presidencies in various organizations. As a chairman of the Communist Party of South Africa, Marks played a necessary role in helping guide the liberation movement through its hardest time. His dedication brought light to the anti-apartheid protestors. Marks worked with immense commitment to ensure that South Africa belonged to all of its rightful citizens. JB Marks dedication and love towards his country played a major role in persuading the protestors to keep fighting, even when the tide went against them.

JB Marks lowered to final resting place

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