technology class

its about technology duh by Zayden Aguilar

.typing web

one thing you will learn here is typing and how to type properly.

it is the first thing you will learn in technology.

this is for people that don't type like average people

do. I think you will find it very fun!


iTrailer is also one unit we do in technology school.

iTrailer is used with imovie and you have to make a real movie trailer

with real pictures. personally my favorite unit.

Haiku deck

Haiku deck is when you make a presentation.

for somepeople like shy kind of people would not

like this unit. but it would help them get used to it.

Explain Everything

For this unit you have to show and explain

a math problem. This will help you with

math too!

career locker

This one you figure out your career and what you might do in

the future. It has jobs that you never even

knew there was!


If you want to be a game designer this

will be your favorite unit.

you can create drawings,games,and other cool stuff!