Recital 2018


May 25, 2018

8:40-11:40am: Dress Rehearsal

12:30pm: Pizza Buffet

1:00pm: Showtime!


  • Positive Attitudes: Let's make sure we come to class ready to work hard with a positive, can-do attitude! Rehearsing our recital dances can be exhausting, so we need to make sure we enter the dance studio mentally prepared to do our best every time we attend class.
  • Attendance: Please make an effort to come to each and every class! We've been focusing on recital choreography and we need to continue to make progress each week.
  • Recital Music: Please continue to listen to your recital CDs at home.
  • Costumes: As costumes arrive, we must take the time to have the students try them on. In case a costume doesn't fit, we want to make sure we will have enough time to exchange it.


Every year, I send out invitations to every dance studio which teaches tap in the Anchorage/Eagle River area to join us in performance at our recital! This year, our guests include:
  • Alaska Dance Theatre
  • Children's Dance Theatre
  • Sam Gottstein

It's so important for tap dancers to honor fellow tappers in their community - let's make sure we give them a warm welcome and treat them just like they are family! :)


Recital tickets are now on sale! The ticket price includes admission to the performance, as well as entrance to the pizza buffet. Remember, each performer who paid the performance fee gets a ticket for free!

Planning to purchase tickets at the studio? Please give me a head's up! Most of the time, I have little to no time in-between classes. I would be happy to prepare the tickets for you and have them ready for a quick transaction.

Ticket Price Brackets: Child: Ages 3-12 & Senior: Ages 62+

Big picture


The photo shoot this year will occur during the performance!

Stephanie Cook of Sanctuary Photography will capture our students during the recital this year! She is very experienced in photographing action shots of dancers, figure skaters, runners and more! You can check out her portfolio on her Facebook page - the link is below!

Want to purchase photos?

  • Option 1: Pay $25 to The Tap Studio before May 25th to have all of the images of your student. E-mail Valerie to receive an online invoice for your photos!
  • Option 2: Wait to see the images when they are ready, then pay $10/image.

Everything's Copasetic...

"Show a friendly face to the whole human race and everything will be Copasetic."

- from the Copasetics Song (in memory of Bill "Bojangles" Robinson)

Isn't it so wonderful to have be part of a class and share the joy of tap with each other?! In order to promote positivity and appreciation for what each tap dancer brings to the class, I'm encouraging students to participate in the following optional activity.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Please write a positive, encouraging word or message for each person in your class (or choreography cast), not including yourself. You can choose to remain anonymous.
  2. Participation is highly encouraged, but not required.
  3. If you choose to participate, please write a message for everyone.
  4. Please return the questionnaire to Miss Valerie by Saturday, May 5th. You may also e-mail your answers to:
  5. Miss Valerie will compile all the messages and give them to students on the day of the recital.

Recital Questionnaire

A photo slide show will play from 12:30-1:00pm as guests and performers enjoy their pizza. Each student will be featured on their own slide! Please complete the questionnaire by May 5th to help Miss Valerie create your slide.

Want to Help?

If you're able to help out, please let me know!


  • Hanging posters around Anchorage.
  • Telling your friends and spreading the word about our show!

Thursday, May 24th

  • Meeting at the studio at 3:30pm to load up plywood, folding chairs and tap floors.
  • Transporting the plywood, folding chairs and tap floors to Bear Tooth.
  • Loading the plywood, folding chairs and tap floors into Bear Tooth as early as 4pm.
  • Setting up the plywood and tap floors at Bear Tooth between 4:15-4:40pm.

Friday, May 25th

  • Greeting guests and handing out programs before the show.
  • Spreading a positive and encouraging vibes throughout the day!