J B I T a place where creativity

J B I T a place where creativity is enhanced

J B I T a place where creativity is enhanced

J B I T as the name suggests is an engineering college with management courses also running side by side , it is into a lot of engineering courses along with 2 of diploma courses and 1 programme of B B A .

All these courses are of no use if things are not understood practically . So in order to get practical expertise one must study the theoretical things practically so that a student may not face any problems once he or she becomes a part of any industry . J B I T makes sure that every student gets the practical knowledge more as compared to the theory. In order to make sure about the paracticality of the courses J B I T has quality – modern – state of the arts labs , there is a big , spacious and modern lab of mechanical department with all ultra modern equipments , the institute also has a very big mechanical workshop , where students and faculty mechanical department indulge in a lot of creative experiment.

As far as computer engineering department is concerned , there are 6 to 7 labs with all the ultra modern facilities and hi-tech computers . These labs have a 24 hours high speed internet connectivity, wherein students can have an access to any kind of software or knowledge regarding C S E. Faculty of C S is always there to aid students in understanding anything which is beyond their scope.

E E another engineering program also has a big lab with all the ultra modern equipments which help students to understand theory in practical . This in turns makes them better as compared to other employees in an organization once they start working somewhere.

One more very technical branch E C and E also has very big lab with trained faculty to tell students the practical aspects of things in professional courses, this in turns makes students corporate fit .

Civil Engineering department has a very nice lab with many models of bridges and buildings as the original ones . These models are made of the same materials and in the same way as the original things are done for dehradun best engineering college , faculoty of civil engineering makes sure that students themselves also try and construct such buildings and bridges to get a practical insight of the things which these people are going to do once they become professionals.

Above all , J B I T takes care of an important aspect of a students personality without which a student cannot become corporate fit , that important thing is English language , it is also made sure here that this language should also be done practically for that reason there isd a language lab to upgrade the language skills of a student , who is going to be anh employee in near future.