Spartan Scoop #5

September 25, 2015

Inspiration for the Week: Kid President is needed this Friday for a Smile!

Curriculum News:

  • SLO's have been discussed and many teams are working on those at this time. See Dana and Laura if you have not worked with the process in Talent Ed yet and need some guidance. These are due in Talent Ed by October 2nd
  • Progress Reports went home today and you must have provided a digital or hard copy to me. I will share these with Melissa and save a hard copy for my own file.
  • SIS and Grades were put on the back burner due to the grade cards not matching the work that was done this summer for these to be objective based. This is why we have used Progress Reports for this first piece of communication to parents. We will use SIS for the next reporting period for Grade Cards at P/T conferences in October. Begin working on getting the grades transferred over and preparing for the next reporting period-- End of First Quarter- October 16th!
  • CWG proposals need to be discussed and put on the calendar for work time to prepare for SLO's and the reporting we use from these measures for CWG. Use the verbiage at the top of the form, this is vital! We will discuss this on Monday.
  • CLT will be time to collaborate and work on the SLO's and CWG-- forming and solidifying baselines and goals that go into Talent Ed with each SLO.
  • SMART Goals-- if you are not doing an SLO the paperwork for SMART Goals will be sent to you this weekend. These goals can come from the groups you work with during RTI time.
  • RTI has been taking place within grade levels and this is great! We will make a few adjustments within the next few weeks and add in some staff for supports and enrichment. There will also be a change to the schedule we follow for RTI. These pieces of information will be communicated after we get through putting in our SLO's and setting up Spartan Tutoring.
  • SIP Goals are in the Google drive-- BLT members will have access to look at and familarize themselves with for when we meet on Tuesday for extra BLT meeting.
  • PBS Spartan Skills for next week are: Classroom: Responsible: Spartan Skills #32

Building News:

  • Bring in a baby photo for Red Ribbon Week Activity-- please give to Jessica. :)
  • Please remind students of proper restroom behaviors. We have had some extra messes in the evening to clean up.
  • Help and supports-- huge thank you to those of you who have filled a space this last week when we were short with staff.
  • Samantha Buxton, our new Computer Lab Aide, will start on Monday! Please help her feel welcome!
  • Award Assemblies are on the Calendar for grade levels! Third Grade Simms class celebrated today for being awarded the Reading Counts Trophy! Whoop Whoop!
  • Hallway behaviors have been excellent when students are moving from class to class.
  • Thank you everyone for reminding your students about Cafeteria Responsibilities.
  • If you are an employee that uses the time clock, please remember to make sure you are clocking in and out at the correct time.
  • Thank you Thank you to all Specialists and Building Support Staff!! You helped so much during the DRA Refresher!!

Calendar Items:

9/28 Fall DRA Window opens-- runs until 11/6

9/28 6 pm PTO meeting

9/29 McDonald's Cookie Sales Start

10/1 District Wide Pink out

10/2 GBE Picture Day sign up sheet in the break room

10/2 National Custodial Worker's Day!! We Love our Custodians!!!

10/5- Red Ribbon Week begins! Spirit Theme Days-

Monday – “Kick off Red Ribbon Week!” ~ Wear your favorite boots and western wear.

Tuesday– Our School “Rocks” Bully & Drug Free! ~Dress as a rock star.

Wednesday – “Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs!” ~ Wear your PJs.

Thursday – “Partner Up for the Fight Against Drugs” ~ Dress as a twin and stand together against drugs!

Friday – Spartans “Mustache” You Not to do Drugs! ~ Wear you’re your Spartan Gear and be a proud Spartan in saying no to drugs!

Fire Prevention Week is the week of 10/5- Fire Department will visit on 10/8-- the Fire Drill will be that morning at 9:15-- remember to use your red, yellow, green cards.

10/6 McTeacher Night from 4-8-- sign up for a shift in the break room on the fridge door!

Possible Social activity on 10/12-- more info to follow from Social Comm.


Do not forget to sign up for your picture day time.

Make sure you sign up for a shift a McTeacher night!

Turn in your schedule to Dee ASAP IF you have not!!

Have plans on desks or out to be seen-- we will be in rooms as much as possible to get in our first set of evaluations and observations. Please be patient if we have some lag in getting to other things on our coaching days. We are going to get out those days, unless it is an emergency.

Technology and Coaching items: Genius Hour-- a Google Concept! :)

Lollipop Moments

Kristin Bell made our morning when we heard how fabulously she handled the students in the gym when there were technical difficulties!! She is a rock star!! Better than Taylor Swift!!

Specials and Support Staff were a huge help when we had the DRA Refresher!! We could not do things like this without amazing people here at GBE!

Mrs. Tymica Wright, Mrs. Quido and Mr. Howen -- you were an awesome support for me this Friday!! Thank you for taking time to help out with our kiddos when it was needed! :)