PLEF Schedule

December 15-19, 2014

Fall Tablet Inventory

Santa's not the only one making a list and checking it twice. We are also taking inventory of tablets before students leave for winter break. Read the information below carefully and contact Tamika if you have any questions. Techies will be trained on inventory procedures during their weekly meeting. They will also find the procedure listed in the class notebook on their tablets.

  1. Tablet Inventory will take place Thursday (12/18) during homeroom.
  2. Teachers will receive updated homeroom rosters in their box.
  3. Give the rosters to your homeroom techie team (2 in each class).
  4. Techies will check to ensure tablets are in good working order and ensure all apps are up to date.
  5. Students will draw a line through each student's name as they check each device.
  6. Any students without their names crossed out will have their tablets locked.
  7. Student tablets will be unlocked when it's returned to the Media Center in January for an inventory check.
  8. Techies or Teachers will return the rosters/tablets to the designated area in the media center at the end of homeroom.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Schedule: Please attend our workshop of the week!

Bring your charged tablet to every workshop

  • Monday: Davis @ Guilford
  • Tuesday: Davis @ Allen (Student Techie Meeting during lunch)
  • Wednesday: Davis @ Allen (Augmented Reality in a PLE @ 3:30/MC LAB)
  • Thursday: Davis @ Guilford (Student Techie Meeting during lunch)
  • Friday: Davis at AMS AM/WSA PM

My Gift to You

  • EPIC! is Netflix for children's books. Educators get a free account if you sign up with your GCS e-mail account. Download this fantastic IOS app today and share the gift of literacy with your children.
  • ABC Mouse is also free for educators. Get your account and keep the kiddos busy with fun learning tasks over the break as you prepare your holiday dinner.
  • Free EdTech webinars for teachers: Learn from innovative teachers for F-R-E-E! Sign up to receive their weekly e-mail newsletter.
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas for Teachers