Death of coral reefs

The issues of dying coral reefs...

Because coral reefs house marine life, if the coral reefs die off, so will they causing us to lose a major food source. Many people would be out of work due to the nonexistence of fish and inhabitability of the ocean.

Most effected region nearest to North America...

The Caribbean holds 50% of the 19% dead coral reefs.15% more is predicted to be dead within 20 years according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's research.

How could coral reefs dying affect League City?

Many people’s jobs that live in or around League City rely on the existence of fish. Fishermen and boaters rely on the health of our oceans and if the coral reefs die there will be a chain reaction... First our coral will die, wiping out the marine life's habitats, the marine life will die in certain areas killing off more and more of the ocean life's food source eventually killing off more and more sea creatures eventually eliminating all. Whoever's job that relies on fishing that lives in League City will eventually lose their job. This would not only affect League City, the problem would affect the whole world. We see this possible threat to League City already taking affect to areas at this very moment. These areas are suffering economic, health, and political issues.

How coral reefs are disappearing...

Earth quakes, hurricanes, global warming, typhoons, cyclones damage coral reefs, but natural disasters are not the only reason coral reefs are dying. Humans are another major problem. With acts such as: Polluting the ocean with runoff waste, oil, trash, and much more, Boating causing coral reefs to get damaged by motors and anchors, etc.

We can solve the human impact issues on coral reefs by creating new laws preventing boating in certain areas, keeping our clean by preventing pollution in our ocean, bringing runoff waste into a designated area, etc.