Ms. Gleason's Globetrotters

Weekly Newsletter for February 1st - 5th

Amazing Antarctica Exploration!

What a wonderful first week of February we had this week! We continue to journey through the southern hemisphere and enhance our expertise on penguins. This week, we finished up our study on Gentoo Penguins. The class has become so wonderfully independent, it's like I'm watching true scientists in action! It's amazing how much we are learning about penguins and I am so impressed by your little ones keeping all those little guys apart! We continue to add to our writer's workshop focus, writing to teach, by revising through adding details to pictures and organizing our work before we write. Before we launched into our Chinstrap Penguin writing this week, we not only created our class graphic organizer, but they learned how to take all of the information from that chart and create their very own graphic organizer. It was amazing to observe them take off and get started on their writing without hesitation! They wrote some amazing pieces and I'm so thrilled with how far they've come in their non-fiction writing.

Jump rope for heart was a huge success this week! The kids had so much fun jump roping and playing games. Mr. T did an amazing job preparing them for jump roping and I can tell they have been working so hard! We still have until February 22nd to collect donations and get a chance to have Blitz, from the Seahawks, come visit our school!

The talent show was great fun this week as well! Our class had so many talented participants and fantastic, polite audience members. Thank you for all your help in preparing them for the show!

Next week...

We began preparation this week for our Valentine's Day projects by painting beautiful hearts. Next week, we will read some Valentine's Day stories and talk about what love means to us. The kids had a great time painting! Besides Valentine's Day next week, we will celebrate the Chinese New Year on Monday and continue on our Antarctic journey. We will finally arrive in the deep south of Antarctica next week to study our final penguin species, the Emperor Penguin. I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend!

Valentine's Day Party!

Friday, Feb. 12th, 2:30pm

Ms. Gleason's Classroom at Evergreen Academy