Wayne Williams

By Amy Argueta

The Atlanta Child Murderer

Wayne Williams, born on May 27, 1958 is the prime suspect of many murders of more than 20 black young people from '79-'81 even though he was only convicted of 2 murders of 2 adults.

Evidence from the crime scene

On July 28, 1979 a woman came across two corpses of young children. One to be 14, Edward Smith and the other age 13 as Alfred Evans. They were both reported missing on dates close to the other. Edward was shot with a .22-caliber and Alfred past away by asphyxiation. This starting a string of killings lasting for about 22 months. After murders of children, fibers from one of the victims were later matched from those of Mr. William's car and home making him automatically arrested but only was found guilty behind two murders. After DNA evidence was brought to the table he is now thought to be behind over the other 20 more deaths.

The Convictions

On 1981 Williams was arrested and later found guilty of the murders of 3 other men based by physical evidence, fibers of personal belongings and eyewitnesses. DNA sequencing from hairs found from the victims were then matched to those from Mr. Williams own hair to 98% certainty of him being guilty of the other 29 murders. After convicted for two murders and serving life in prison the Atlanta child killings stopped. No one knows why this was done.