Fred Perry's Wimbledon championship

London , England 1936


Fred Perry was born in 1909 in Stockport, England. Was the world number one in the tennis ranking for three years in 1930. He was right handed. First he wasn't that recognized in tennis. Then he started to play more tournaments. Then he was the best tennis player in England. In that time they used rackets made out of wood. Fred Perry used the brand Dunlop. He started to won small tournaments where players located in the 10-20 in the ranking played. He started to won those tournaments and his tennis grew more and more. In 1936 Fred Perry got in the final of the most recognized tennis tournament. Wimbledon. London, England. He played vs J. Crawford. In this times the players played in pants. Most of the time they did slices. Which was a type of forehand or backhand which you did cutting the ball. By grabbing the grip Coninental and hit the ball from the bottom so it did spin. Perry won the first set 6-3. Then in the second set it was very easy for him and he won it 6-0. With that victory he converted into the world #1. Then he was the only English to won the Wimbledon for 77 years.

Later Life

Then a few years later Fred Perry retired of tennis. He started to play ping pong. In fact he was a ping pong champion for a lot of times. This shows he had a lot of talent with rackets. This is a very high record that Fred Perry had of the Wimbledon English championship for 77 years. Then in 2013 Andy Murray actual world #3. Andy closed the record of 76 that Perry had. Fred died in 1995. Fred Perry made his own sport brand for tennis. Then the brand got popularized and they had as collection of clothe for schools. Then Fred Perry was world wide recognized and now a days most of teens use this brand. They have tees, polos, pants, shirts, everything.

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Fred Perry Wins Wimbledon - Highlights, 1934 [HD]

People Involved

Andy Murray :

Born in May 15 1987 in Scotland. Andy is the actual world number 3. Andy cut the record of the 76 years of an English player to win Wimbledon in 2013. Andy's coach is Ivan Lendl ex number 3 of the world. Andy is sponsored by Head in rackets. In clothe Adidas sponsors him in the sport clothe. Andy lost the Wimbledon final in 2012 vs Roger Federer. Then in 2013 he won the Wimbledon vs Novak Djokovic. He turned number 3 leaving Federer ex number 1 in the seventh place. Andy will now represent the United Kingdom. Andy is one of the few player5s which are in the top 100 of the world. This makes him have more fans.

J. Crawford :

Born in March 22 1908 Australia. He was a tennis player in the 1930's. He was world #1 in 1934. He won a bunch of different tournaments. He won the Australian Open, the US Open and the French Open. In fact he never won Wimbledon. He lost vs Fred Perry in 1936 6/3 6/1. He was very crazy. He took shots of Whiskey between sets. He was known for that. In that times the tennis federation wasn't that strict. This guy was good. But he didn't beat Fred Perry in the Wimbledon 1936. He played in pants. He also used Dunlop like Fred Perry. Crawford trained in Australia. Sometimes he didn't train. Tennis in this times this sport wasn't that strict and disciplined.