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This is the first edition of the Media and Techno Eagle Updates. Each month we will be sharing new and awesome resources for you to checkout and use in your classroom. Some months we may have a specific type of focus and others may be all subjects. I hope you enjoy the resources and remember that if you see one you like and need help, please let us know in the Media Center.

Chromebook Add-Ons Worth Checking Out!

Under Construction - EDHS Media Center

You may see lots of movement and changes over the next few months in the EDHS Media Center. We are currently working on updating the collection here at EDHS and are working through a major evaluation of materials that are currently on the shelves. What does this mean for you and your students? That means that we will be removing outdated and inaccurate resources and replacing them with new materials that will enhance student learning. We will be making sure that our collection is up to date and that the materials are giving the students the most accurate and reliable information possible.

We can use your help! If there are topics/research/projects that you do in your classes either semester that you know you and your students would be looking for resources on, please let me know those. I would like to create a list of topics to make sure as we are gathering new materials that we include.


We are so lucky in North Carolina to have a great FREE resource for our students.


This is a Free online resources that students can use at home or at school for research. The state has included a number of great databases and encyclopedias. There are PBS videos, Career Information, Newspapers, Literature Databases, Ebsco and so much more. If you have students doing research, make sure you include this in your links. I would love to sit down and show you some of the things that NCWiseOwl can do.

In order to access this resource students will need to use a password, if you do not have the password for the 2015-2016 school year, please call the Media Center. This same password will allow students and teachers to access this great resource at home and at school.

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How can we help you?

Please let us know how we can assist you? Do you want to collaborate on a project? Team-Teach a lesson in the Lab or with the Chromebooks? Gather resources for an upcoming unit?

We can help you with any of these and more! Just let us know.

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