Geographical differences

Songs, dances , special food preparationand and season

Difference between the songs of Punjab and songs of Tamil Nadu

Songs of Punjab : traditional songs sung in Punjab have a very high beat .

Songs of Tamil Nadu : traditional songs sung in Tamil Nadu have low beat

Difference between the dances of Punjab and Tamil Nadu

Dance in Punjab : dance in Punjab has a lot of energy involved in it .

Traditional dance : Bhangra

Dance in Tamil Nadu : dance in Tamil Nadu also has a lot of energy involved in it but the traditional dance doesn't involve a lot of energy .

Traditional dance: Bharathanatyam

Difference between the special food preparation in Punjab and Tamil Nadu

Punjabi cuisine : punjabi cuisine has a lot of dairy products included in it .punjabi cuisine contains a lot of spices like chilly , pepper , cloves , cardamom ,etc .

Traditional dish : falooda ,lassi , paratha ,etc .

Cuisine of Tamil Nadu : the cuisine of Tamil Nadu does not contain many dairy products. The cuisine of Tamil Nadu contains coconut in large quantities .

Traditional dish : idli, uthappam ,sambar ,etc .

Difference between the climate of Punjab and Tamil Nadu

climate of Punjab is very hot during summer and so is the climate of Tamil Nadu . It is very cold in the season of winter in Punjab the temperature is between 5 and 15 degree Celsius. It is not so cold in Tamil Nadu during the winter season the temperature is between 15 to 25 degree Celsius and both the countries have extreme rainfall .