Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 16 Christmas Term : 30th Nov-4th Dec 2015

Dates for the diary

No more ECAs next week - normal home procedures at 2pm.

Moving On Up Day- 8th December- Children will have a chance to meet their Grade 1 teacher for 2016.

Christmas Pantomime (students only) December 8th

Exit Point for 'Seeing the LIght' unit - Monday 7 December from 7-8pm Please come to your child's classroom and bring along a torch.

Friday 11th December- Last day of term- Early Dismissal@ 11.20 pm Please note change of time

Home readers and library books need to be returned next week. There will be no more borrowing of books next week.

Nativity Performances 2015

Thank to to all the parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents who attended our Nativity Concerts this week.

We are all so proud of our super stars who performed with confidence, courage and excellence!

Well done, Prep Twos!

IPC - Seeing the Light

This week on our Unit of Work we have been using our research skills to find pictures and information about what life is like in countries that experience 24-hour winter darkness (polar night) and also summer daylight. We have looked at countries such as Iceland, northern Scandinavia, northern Canada and Alaska in particular and located these places on a globe. There was much talk about why these countries might experience long periods of daylight or darkness and what it might be like to experience this!

Next week we conclude this unit on Monday with our night time Exit Point!

Please remember to bring your torches! A separate e mail about this will be heading your way via your child's class reps today!

Language Arts

This week, the children have been learning about the au/aw spelling patterns. These two patterns make the same sound as our spelling patterns last week al/or. The children created an anchor chart of words that have these sounds.

In Writers Workshop, the children used the good and bad characters that they created in their stories. They have also used their juicy words (adjectives) that they had generated in their stories.

The CAFE strategy this week is 'Questioning Owl'. This is another comprehension tool to help children understand what they are reading by asking questions as they read.


This week, the children have been learning Capacity in Maths. Capacity is the amount of liquid that a solid shape can hold. Some key words that the children used while exploring Capacity were, empty, full, nearly, holds less, holds more, half empty, half full, volume, litres, milliliters and measure.

The children used different sized containers and explored with filling their containers with water to find out which ones would hold more or less. The children also used non-standard equipment to measure capacity by predicting and investigating how many unifix cubes would different sized containers hold.

Through our investigations, we were able to order objects from the smallest to greatest depending on how much of the amount that objects could contain.


This week we have looked at Generosity.

Next week, we will be practising Thankfulness.

You are practising Thankfulness when:

  • You count your blessings every day.
  • You appreciate the beauty of this world.
  • You appreciate your own abilities instead of envying others.
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