Kennedy 5/6 Combo Class

April 24, 2015

M-Step Testing

The fifth graders have completed their M-Step testing. This week they had two days of math testing and one day of social studies. They continued to show great stamina as they worked on these difficult tests.

The sixth graders will start testing with Language Arts on May 19 and 20. They will have the math tests on May 27 and May 28. I am expecting them to put forth the same strong effort as the fifth graders.

PTO Silent Auction and Ice Cream Social

The silent auction is next Friday on May 1st. There will be an ice cream social along with the auction like last year. Our class theme is "Family Game Night." We still have very few donations. We are looking for cards, board games, and other activities that families can do together, as well as snacks and beverages. We also still need a basket, tote bag, or tub to hold our items. Please be sure to send items in by April 30th so we have time to put the basket together.

Fifth Grade Field Trip

Letters and permission slips went home this week for the fifth grade trip to Greenfield Village. Permission slips and admission fees are due back on May 9, but can be turned in early.


Fifth Grade - This week the fifth graders took the M-Step tests in math, but we also worked in class on multiplying fractions. Students learned that we multiply if we talk about a fraction of another number. We practiced using area models to show fractions and learned the algorithm for multiplying fractions: multiply numerator by numerator and denominator by denominator. Next week we will be learning how to multiply with mixed numbers.

Sixth Grade - We have started unit 7 in the math book this week. Students are learning about probability during this unit. They are learning how to calculate the probability of an event occurring and how to show probability as a fraction, a decimal, or a percent.


Sixth Graders are continuing to read Divergent. They have a new project to go along with the book. Each of them has to create a new faction, describe the faction, and give it a name. They will be creating a presentation to explain their new faction to the rest of the class.

We are continuing to practice fluency along with reading comprehension. Our school-wide fluency assessments will be given in a couple of weeks. Please help your child practice reading aloud at home to prepare for this.


We have been working on putting together our Young Author’s Day Books all week! Books need to be finished by Monday. Next week we will finish up our poetry unit. Young Author’s Day is Friday, we look forward to sharing them with you!

Social Studies

Fifth Grade: We are finishing reading about the causes of the American Revolution. Students will be working on a timeline and a short writing assessment to wrap up this unit before we go on to studying the Revolutionary War.

Sixth Grade: We have been learning how latitude and elevation affect the climate and the vegetation in Latin America. We will finish this unit by comparing population density with climate and geography.


​5th- We have been using data to find patterns. This week and next we will be graphing sunrise and sunset.

6th- We are continuing our study of ecology. We will be looking at why populations of some organisms are declining.


This week we have been working on typing and formatting poems for our young author's day books.

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