Don't be LEFT behind

Stay to the left!

What do you mean?

In this day and age we find many pathways and stairwells to be crowded and are very tempted to engage in our adolescent hormones that effectively brainwash us on walking to the right. DO NOT SUBMIT AND KEEP FIGHTING! Be a good citizen and stay on the left.

That life-determining question (forget the HSC): Am I a lefty?


Q: How do I know if I'm a lefty?

A: Do you walk on the left on pathways? If you answered yes, then you are a true Aussie lefty! WOOP!

Q: Are you sure? And aren't you a bit too... ...excited?

A: We made a flyer on this, we're pretty sure. Why shouldn't we be excited, are we not allowed? Is it illegal? You know what else is illegal: walking on the right. (not really)

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