South African segregation between whites and non-whites

By: Ryan C.


Segregation of race.

Introduction to Apartheid

Apartheid was a big problem in South Africa. Black South Africans were looked down upon because of their skin color and because of that whites believed that they were better than non-whites.


Black South Africans had laws against them that limited them to life. They mostly lived in poverty and could not get jobs. Apartheid started when African and mixed people lost the right to vote in 1936 and blacks started losing control of running their country.

Key Events

Under apartheid non white South Africans were made to live in separate areas from whites and they had to use separate bathrooms, benches, buses, and almost everything public. Relationships between white and non white was limited.

People all over the world protested against apartheid in South Africa. Countries stopped trade with South Africa and was also banned from international sports.

The ANC was was formed to protest non violently against apartheid

In 1950 population registration and Group act was formed which made Black Africans protest more.

On March 21, 1960 The Sharpville Massacre started international protests.

When And Where

It was in South Africa from the year 1948 to 1991.

Apartheid's Leaders


In 1991 F.W. de Klerk started to disapprove most laws for apartheid. International protesting also convinced the South African government to stop apartheid. Also black and whites from South Africa protested to release Nelson Mandela and other protest leaders. In 1994 Nelson Mandela won the election and became South Africa's first black president. South Africans now live much less segregated than before but still live in mostly poverty, but their conditions are improving.

Why does the ending of Apartheid matter?

Because now all people there can work together peacefully and make a better country to live in together. We can learn that just because we think we are better than someone else does not mean that we are. Nelson Mandela was a great man that was looked down upon just because of his skin color and the whole world realized and protested.