Celebration of cultures


Get Creative

Throw open your wardrobe; tack on some creativity;
add in a dash of ethnicity. Be a new you. Be your culture.
Ethnic Day is ON soon @ Q Way. So start getting ready.

Ethnicity @ Q Way

Friday, July 25th, 5:30pm

Q Way Technologies


  • The entire Floor will be split into ten teams.
  • Each team has to choose one state in India.
  • Entries will be evaluated and each team will be allotted a state on First come First Serve Basis.
  • Each team must portray the respective state's ethnic wear.
  • Each team will be given 2mins to Walk the ramp.


Team 1: Sneha (Apollo Plus)
Team 2: Pratyush
(Apollo Plus)
Team 3: John
(Selene Day & ALTA Day)
Team 4: Dr.Ram
(Apollo Plus Day & Coding)
Team 5: Asiya
(Support 1&2)
Team 6: Garvis
(Billing support)
Team 7: Andrew
Team 8: Nishanth
Team 9: Sethuram
(SEO & Legends)
Team 10: Ashok MJ
(Bell, BD & EDU)