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Cellulite Removal Tips

How to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Often the appearance of cellulite is one of the most common and difficult obstacles to female beauty. However, remove the "orange peel" can be - different from cellulite wraps perfectly cope with their task. They are simple in execution, do not require special skills, but because women often perform them at home with an efficiency that is not inferior salon procedures.Wraps Cellulite: "hot" and "cold" - Usually after the first anti-cellulite wraps women notice visible results but, unfortunately, these are short-term results.

Therefore, women have ceased to perform the procedure, believing them to be ineffective. But actually it is not. Initially you need to understand exactly how the anti-cellulite body wraps affect the skin, and what results from them should be expected. The first output wraps the excess fluid from the body, and provokes such a rapid decrease in the volume. <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Truth About Cellulite

The results are then wraps can provide only depending on the composition of their mixtures, though they improve skin and visually slim woman."Hot" wraps - kind of wraps, component parts which have warming properties. They accelerate blood circulation by expanding far and as a result, provoke enhanced metabolism in cells. This facilitates rapid removal of fluids and waste, as well as cleavage of the fat cells. Because enlarged pores, useful microelements easier penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. "Hot" wraps are particularly effective in dense cellulite, scars, scars and absolutely contraindicated for varicose veins.