Jackson, or Jerkson?

Is Jackson as evil as we think?

Worcester V. Georgia

In 1832, Georgia attempted to kick the Cherokee natives out of their own land after the discovery of gold, and the belief that they could increase cotton growth. The Cherokee had lived in that land for decades before, and being the civilized society that they are, took Georgia to trial in the supreme court. With the help of Samuel Worcester, the Cherokee had the supreme court on the side of Georgia not being able to kick a nation out. But little did they know that Andrew Jackson didn't have a care in the world for the Supreme Court's ruling. Jackson would get just as much gain from this as Georgia, the Indian Removal Act was then put into place.

Trail O' Tears

The Cherokee were a civilized tribe, even going out of their way to take Georgia to court instead of just fighting. After Worcester V. Georgia, Andrew Jackson "lit a fire under" the natives. They were forced out of their own lands, and into a treacherous journey to the relocation point. 4000 Cherokee natives died during the journey, atleast half of their population. Once the Cherokee arrived to Oklahoma reservations, they rebuilt their homes and societies, and carried on peacefully.

The picture is basically showing the natives on the trail to Oklahoma. The natives have guns, they all look sad, and freezing.

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Spoils System

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During Jackson's presidency, he had a system in which he rewarded his voters and donators with jobs, no matter how unqualified they are. People who already had these white house jobs lost their jobs, though they were more qualified. He fired 20% of the federal officials, and put the voters etc. into their places. This is also why Jackson's inauguration was so insane, voters had wanted to get jobs etc.

Letters From a Cherokee, and a Democrat

Dear Editor,

I am a Cherokee native, I am not aware of the amount of time that has passed while we have been traveling. It's been a constant onslaught of cold nights, and starvation. Sickness, lack of health, animal attacks, and the constant fear of the American soldiers. There's nothing stopping them from just killing any one of us, and there's nothing stopping us from just turning around and attacking, but we're civilized. We're tired of fighting, and we want to finally be at peace, even if it means unfair relocation from President Jackson.

Sincerely, A Cherokee Native.

Dear Editor,

I voted for Andrew Jackson during the election, and I also donated a somewhat large sum of money. I was also a friend of Jackson during his war general days, which also upped the ante of the chance of me getting a job once he was elected. I was put into a job as a postmaster, and I basically don't know what to do, but I'm making more money than being a shoe cobbler.

Sincerely, Democrat.

Political Cartoon

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The picture is also very meaningful, and metaphorical to how his presidency was. It was like a monarchy, he didn't care for the supreme court's ruling, and he basically did what he believed was right, or what would better him. That's why the political cartoon shows him wearing a robe, staff, and a crown. There's also more minor details like the torn up constitution on the ground symbolizing that he doesn't really care, and that he steps on it rather than following it.