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December 2014

PBIS Expectations - Lunch Room

Lately we have been working on lunch room expectations, remembering to pick up after ourselves, stay in our seats while eating, and keeping all hands feet and other objects to yourself - or as the kids better know - KAHFOOTY! We have also been working on our volume in the lunch room - there are some days that it is extremely loud. We want the kids to be able to talk, but at a reasonable level. So the kids now know, if they are following what is expected of them, then we will play music in the lunchroom on Fridays. So far it has been a huge hit, and it has been really fun to see the students be silly, yet still following expectations, in the lunch room. We have been playing kidz bop CD's, and the kids are singing along, and putting in requests of what they want to hear in the future.

Dealing with Friend Issues at Home

I seem to have a revolving door of friends having fights lately. This is to be expected. Often friends fight, because they care about each other and have trouble expressing how they are feeling appropriately. If your child is complaining of an issue with a friend, and cannot seem to find a way to resolve it, please encourage them to come see me. I can help do some conflict resolution with them. In our Second Step program, we work on problem solving skills at every grade level, but sometimes the students need the skills, before I teach the lesson in their classroom. My door is always open to help students, remind your child of that. It is what I am here for, and what I love to do.
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It's Almost Winter Break - Take Time to Connect!

With winter break quickly approaching, I am sure you are caught up thinking about the holidays, who is going to be at your house, what presents you still need to buy, what you are going to cook, how are you going to keep the kids entertained for two week, etc. I am sure the list goes on and on - so I just wanted to give you a gentle reminder to stop and connect with your children. Maybe that is sitting down and coloring with them, or playing a game with them. Maybe it is going outside to play, or having them help you bake something. Maybe it is reading a book, or snuggling up and watching a great movie together. Whatever it is, just be sure that you take some time to connect with your child. Let them know how important they are to you, and spend some quality time with them over the break.

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