The Princeford Academy of Georgia

Boarding School

Our Vision and Mission for The Princeford Academy of Georgia

Mission Statement: The mission of Princeford Academy of Georgia is to highly encourage students to challenge themselves academically, mentally, and socially for their future careers. Our school promotes responsibility in choosing the path that suits the students. Our school's expectations are to build committed students to their fullest potential.

Vision Statement: Our school will provide a stable and safe environment for students to pursue in a career they desire, which will prepare them for future success beyond school.

The focus of our school is to give students a proper educational experience in career preparation.

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Curriculum and Scheduling

**Curriculum: The Princeford Academy of Georgia provides basic Pre-AP and AP classes for their first year to their senior year. Students will be able to follow an academic pathway in which they desire and suits their future careers. Every student that attends our school will be required to take at least 7 AP classes. Our school also provides many opportunities for the students to expand their learning abilities with the following elective courses.

*Examples of Elective Offerings:

Fine Arts: Orchestra, band, theater, chorus, dance and etc.

Sports: Basketball, weight-training, soccer, lacrosse, football and etc.

Business and Technology: Computer Science, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Engineering and etc.


The Princeford Academy of Georgia practices block scheduling because it is beneficial to the students' long-term education.

*Students will receive a full list of the elective offerings prior to registration

**Students will be required to send a school admission application before the deadline of August 1st. The school will decide if your child has the required*** and appropriate grades and commitment on August 5th.

*** Your child has to be able to maintain an 85 or higher in every class. The child has to also have to done well in their 6th-8th grade years, meaning she/he has passed the classes they were previously in.

Quote for Our School

"Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection."

- Kim Collins

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About The Princeford Academy of Georgia

School Colors: Red, Black and Gold

Mascot: Hawk

Traditions: Homecoming, Senior and Junior Prom, and Career Fair

Norms: Students are required to wear uniforms on Wednesdays because it has been a tradition since the establishment of the school in 1978 (Red sweater/ t-shirt with gold mascot logo, black pants/skirts, long socks and black shoes).

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The Princeford Academy of Georgia is located in Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia.

Address: 9122 Buckhead Road Atlanta, Georgia 30002

Contact information:

  • Main Office : 678-000-0001
  • Attendance: 678-000-0002
  • Fax: 678-000-0003
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