A Midsummer Night's Dream

Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 41-91


Lysander and Hermia are talking, then go to sleep, and Puck enchants Lysander with the flower. Helena and Demetrius then arrive on scene and start arguing.

Most Important Quote

The most important quote is, "Churl, upon thy eyes I throw All the power this charm doth owe" because this is when Puck enchants Lysander and causes him to fall in love with Helena and everything goes wrong.

Character Analysis

Character Analysis

Helena: Helena is Hermia's best friend who is in love with Demetrius, but Demetrius loves Hermia. Helena tries desperately to get Demetrius to fall in love with her and would do anything to win his heart, so that tells the reader that she is very willing as proven in (II.ii.90) where she states "Stay though thou kill me, sweet Demetrius!"

Hermia: Hermia is a modest young girl and she is also portrayed as very beautiful. This is confirmed when Lysander wants to sleep with her and she denies him saying, "I need my space, I dont love you." In this scene she also says "Find your own bed, for I will sleep here." This shows her modesty, she shouldn't sleep with someone she doesn't love. Hermia is also spoiled in a way Lysander offers Hermia his bed, "Here is my bed, sleep here.", even if he may not have anywhere to sleep. She is independent and doesn't need anyone to depend on for happiness.

Lysander: Lysander is charming, convincing, and arrogant, because he tries to get hernia to love him as he loves her.

Puck: Puck is obedient, which is shown by how he follows orders so well. Oberon commands him to collect a flower and to apply the juice of it to the eyes of a man, which he does, shown by, "Upon thy eyes I throw All the power this charm doth owe". He is hopeful, shown by, " This flower's force in stirring love". He is hateful of Demetrius, shown when he says, "Near this lack-love, This kill-courtesy". He is frustrated, shown when he says, "Through the forest I have gone, But Athenian I have found none". He expresses his pity for Helena when he says, "Pretty soul, she durst not lie, Near this lack-love, This kill-courtesy".