Night response

Aasim Patel

Prompt 1 section 1 5/9/2016

Moshi the beadle played an important part in the story. He shows how being ignorant can strike you back in a very bad way. Moshe the beadle was like all the other townspeople, ignorant and happy at first. Then the Hungarians took him and made dig graves for themselves. But wasn't he happy just a few hours ago? A quote that shows the ignorance of the townspeople and moshie's change are on page 7:
"Moishe was not the same. The joy in his eyes was gone. He no longer sang. He no longer mentioned either God or Kabbalah. He spoke only of what he had seen. But people not only refused to believe his tales, they refused to listen." He came back to warn the townspeople but still they did not stir. They were still ignorant and ignored his warnings just to be taken by the same people that took Moshi. This shows that when being an ignorant bystander and not doing anything can strike you back in a very bad way. It shows on page 15 when it says: "

The Hungarian police used their rifle butts, their clubs to in-

discriminately strike old men and women, children and cripples."

An influential person I had in my life was my 5th grade basketball coach. I used to be one of the very uncoordinated and unconfident tall guys on the floor. I was just like a zombie, just a body taking up space. I didn't feel good about it either. My coach saw potential though. He made me believe I could be something better. He made me a better basketball player. I learned how to dribble the ball well and shoot decently. This also gave me confidence in life to do my very best and not let anything hold me back.