Gaza Needs Your Help!

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Help Gaza By Donating and Be Supportive!!

So lately you have heard that there is some trouble in Gaza. So I am trying to help Gaza by trying to collect donations from people and make sure to donate any unused or slightly used items which are in good shape. These items will help the people in Gaza. The money will be used to buy items which are needed; such as food, clothes, water, etc. You can donate to the nearest donation center and also make sure to help raise money and follow me on instagram and share your experiences with me. Make sure to tell your friends and family about the donation, and help me get 1k on instagram and keep tuned for shout outs weekly!!!!!!!

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Make sure to follow me on instagram which shares the stories of the donations which supports many people around the world. I also give shout outs to people who share multiple stories with me. And also like, comments and also shares my stories with your friends and family. Please make sure to follow me and help me get 1.5k followers and please help me reach my goal which is to make a difference in many peoples lives and inspire others to step up and donate!
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