The Hunting Ground

By: Alexis Garcia


In the documentary "The Hunting Ground" showed us that colleges aren't handling on-campus rape appropriately and we need to be aware so we can help do something about it. The documentary proves it was effective by interviews from victims, its effects on athletes, and the statistics behind it all.
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The purpose of this documentary was to inform us on how on-campus rape is becoming a worldwide issue. The documentary shows us through the survivors perspective. It also shows us to help pass legislation and to start holding schools accountable.

What's Behind it All

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The overall message of the documentary helped me believe that rape on college campus's is a problem and will continue to be until the schools take action to try and stop it. The schools don't take proper precautions by expelling the student or removing them off campus for a period of time. They aren't helping the victims so the victims are starting to fight back and start their own petitions. If more people are aware of this problem, schools might start to do something about it.