February 2019 Technology Newsletter

By: Michael Kealy

BCSD Public WiFi Splash Page Authentication Reminder

A reminder that it has been almost 90 days since the district enabled a splash page for the BCSD Public Wi-Fi Network. Users must re-authenticate by visiting the splash page and agree to the terms and conditions every 90 days in order to continue using the public network.

Save Time! Scan To Google Drive From Ricoh Copier/Printers

Save time and frustration printing by using the Ricoh Copier/Printers to scan items directly into your Google Drive. Once you scan a document into your Google Drive you can easily share it with students via Google Classroom and/or Email. Never worry about the printer being broken or running off class sets again. It's easy to setup! Click the link below and follow the directions.


Windows 10 - Did You Know?

Help! My screen is sideways.

If you or your students screen suddenly goes sideways or upside down you can fix it easily and instantly. Press alt + ctrl + and the up arrow key at the same time to restore the default view.

Cybersecurity Update - Spoofing

K-12 organizations including the Beacon City School District continue to see an increase in emails spoofing school district users. Most of these emails are easy to identify as being fraudulent with a few simple steps:

  1. Check the sender field to ensure the email originated from @beaconk12.org. The most recent spoofs have not come from an official BCSD email account. (However, remember that some spoofs can look like they came from an official account.)
  2. Email spoofs are often sent on weekends, holidays and off hours when the recipient would not ordinarily be able to contact the sender other than through email.
  3. Watch out for generic or strange greetings. Recent spoofs have contained no greeting at all.
  4. Watch for spelling and grammar syntax errors. It is well known that many criminals using spoofs reside outside of the United States and do not always possess the best grammatical skills.
  5. Check out the senders closing signature, and if suspicious, compare it to other emails from that sender. Recent spoofed emails have used a closing signature that is not typically used by the sender.

What to do if you believe an email has been spoofed or is questionable?

  1. Forward the email to the BCSD IT help desk.
  2. DO NOT open any attachments or click any links within the email.
  3. DO NOT respond to the email.
  4. Call the sender on a previously verified number to confirm if the email is legitimate or not.

Reminder: You Asked! We Listened... TEQ Online Professional Development Has Returned

A reminder, Teq is an approved NYS CTLE PD Provider, so any qualified courses that you complete can be used towards your state-mandated professional learning hours. Just be sure to take the quiz after completing a course to receive your certificate of completion!

Accessing the platform is easy! We have enabled Google Single Sign On so you don't have to remember any passwords. A welcome email was recently sent to all teachers. You can access the program by logging in (http://opd.teq.com/) and selecting “Login with your Google Account”.

Want To Use A Google Chrome Extension In Your Classroom?

If you want to test a Chrome Extension or use one with your class please submit a Technology IT Help Ticket and the department will review the request and white list the extension once we verify it is safe.

Chromebook Tips - Did You Know?

Full Screen Screenshot

Press ctrl + (show all windows symbol)

Partial Screenshot Shortcut

Press ctrl + shift + (show all windows symbol)

Then drag your cursor over the area of the screen you want to capture/screenshot.

Caps Lock button

Chromebooks don't have a caps lock button.

Instead to toggle it on and off click:

alt+ (search button/symbol)

See All Open Windows

Swipe up or down on the mouse pad with three open fingers.

Big picture