By: Laura Hillenbrand

The Olympics

Louie Zamperini, or the Tornado was the top runner in his town. When he was accepted to the Olympics he was exited, but also nervous. When Louie arrived he was ready for the Olympics in Germany. Louie lost the Olympics, but later saw Hitler.
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Louie was in a devastating plane crash with only 3 out of the 10 crew members surviving. Louie and the two others were stranded in the ocean for 49 days, then they were captured by a Japanese boat. Louie's friend Philippe had a cracked skull yet survived. The third surviver on the raft died before they were captured.

Boot Camp

Louie Zamperini, a World War II hero survived a Japanese boot camp. When Louie was in bootcamp, the "Bird," the boot camp manager was abusing him. He was tortured daily mentally and physically. He was getting picked out of the crowed and the Bird would order everyone to punch Louie in the face. He was not fed well, and when he was fed he got bread and tea. Louie then heard that the "Bird" was transferred to another camp, Louie celebrated. Then unfortunately, Louie was transferred to the SAME boot camp as the "Bird."

Finally, after 3 years in captivity Louie and many others were rescued by the US. Once home for years, he was a hometown hero. Louie eventually built up the courage and insisted on going and facing the "Bird" one last time to show his strength. He forgave Bird for what he had done. Louie, died two years ago leaving a great legacy!