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Gentle Reminders

This newsletter is really intended for those of us who work here - for pay or for love. There's nothing secret but it takes away some of the glamour to have the whole world read about or trash issues etc.

Speaking of trash . . .If you're in on Wednesday mornings and the empty trash cans are out front, please pull them around the back. They block the sidewalk and just look so . . . trashy.

We checked almost 40,00 items in and out last year and the vast majority worked great! But, there is still a problem with some items not being checked in and out correctly. These are more complex operations than they may seem. Please take your time! Check the screen to make sure the item is actually checked in/out. (The beep just means something happened.) Check the DVD envelope to make sure you've put in/pulled out the correct title - sometimes there are several disks. Count the disks in a DVD or an audio book BEFORE checking in or out. It is easier to track down missing ones that way.

We really do take suggestions.

Patron Janet Lampman suggested that our email "nearly overdue" notices include a link to the catalog to make renewals simpler. It was a great idea and our friends at SALS were able to make it happen. Thanks Janet!

I've gotten great suggestions about this newsletter and am implementing as I can.

Great Attendance at Wednesday afternoon LEGO Club. Check our FaceBook page for more pics.

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For Your Information . . .

We logged 2077 scheduled volunteer hours in 2014! That doesn't even include the Gill Room, Friends Book Sale, Garden Group or others. You volunteers are amazing. Big thanks!

Tax update: We are in the process of creating binders of State and Federal forms for people to copy. We should be getting some state forms soon. I don't know about Federal. No word yet on tax assistance. I'll let you know. Remember You may not give any advice at all. Not even which form to choose. People will ask. Politely say no. is only available to patrons here at the library. The license does not allow us to put a link on our website. Heritage Quest is on our online database list.

I put signup sheets for programs in the binder as programs are announced. Take a minute to look at the most recent events flyer on the circulation desk to find out what's coming up. If you don't know where the binder is, ask next time you're in.

Book Donations: If people have large numbers from house clean outs etc. please tell them no. They can try The Owl Pen (518) 692-7039 - in Greenwich or the Old Book Surfer (518) 229-0562 - in Cambridge. The Friends are swamped and we are trying to avoid taking in lots of old books that will never sell.

I'm working out glitches in getting this newsletter to everyone on line. There will be a printed copy on the Staff/Volunteer bulletin board.