Hannaford Career Center Newsletter

June 2022

Thank You PAHCC Community

It has been another challenging year on a number of fronts, but the faculty and staff of the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center have gone above and beyond to meet student needs, provide enriching learning opportunities, support student growth, and take care of each other. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated and professional group of individuals to make a career center successful. Thank you all!

Thank you to our students. Your resilience, motivation and creativity make the career center what it is. We couldn't do what we do without you.

Thank you to our parents and families. Your support throughout this challenging school year has been unwavering and most appreciated.

And thank you to our partner high school faculty and staff. Your support and collaboration allow many students the ability to access this flexible pathway to graduation.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer filled with fun and rejuvenation. We look forward to another great school year beginning August 31st.

2021-2022 Quarter Four Outstanding Students

Students are selected by their instructors as outstanding students for the quarter based on their stellar academic performance and a strong commitment to our center-wide Habits of Work (empathy, respect, safety, collaboration, resilience, work ethic, and responsibility). Congratulations to all of our well-deserving students for quarter four of the 2021-2022 school year.

ART Performance - Myia LaFreniere (MAUHS)

Automotive Technology 102 - Jordan Visser (VUHS)

Automotive Technology 104 - Tucker Davis (MAUHS)

Computer Science Principles - Wesley Perdue (MUHS)

Design & Illustration - Tim Takeda (MAUHS)

Diesel Power Technology 1 - Hunter Collins (MAUHS)

Human Services Early Childhood - Kaitlin Taylor (VAL)

Human Services Foundation - Adelaide Riche (MUHS)

Industrial Design & Fabrication - Ancel Coburn (MUHS)

Intro to STEM - Jameson McGuire (MUHS)

Mechanical Science - Connor Meacham (MAUHS)

Medical Professions 1 - Emma Brown (MUHS)

Medical Professions 2 - Ainsley Busby (MUHS)

NRM Advanced Forest Science - Lucas Allen (MAUHS)

NRM Intro to Forest Science - Ian Goodyear (MAUHS)

Plant & Animal Science A - Erin Whipple (MUHS)

Plant & Animal Science B - Emma Reen (MAUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture 1 - Joshua Sherman (MAUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture 2 - Lexi Boise (VUHS)

Visual Communications A - Joyce Ross (MUHS)

Visual Communications B - Caleb Bilodeau (MUHS)

Celebration of Learning - June 2, 2022

On Thursday, June 2 the Career Center conducted its annual Celebration of Learning event to recognize all of the senior participants as well as the juniors and seniors who completed their technical program this year. 102 students were recognized during this year’s ceremony with 70 of them being program completers. All students received a certificate of participation (seniors completing one year of a two year program) or a certificate of program completion. Many students also earned a number of industry recognized credentials as well as dual enrollment credits.

It was certainly a day to be proud of our Career Center students. Many family members and guests were extremely grateful for the Career Center’s recognition event. Every technical program instructor was able to address each honoree personally and individually. By recognizing and addressing each student specifically, instructors underscored their interest in each one of our graduating students, and they also expressed their interest in seeing what the students will accomplish in the future with an invitation to have them remain in contact with us. It was truly a memorable event.

Congratulations to the following students:

ART Performance


Elena Bronson - MAUHS

Halle Huizenga - MAUHS

Amanda Kearns - MUHS

Myia LaFreniere - MAUHS

Toby Mills - OVUHS

Alexandria Rice - VUHS

Kayley Tardie - MAUHS


Abigail Goodyear - VUHS

Joy Holzhammer - Home Study

Phin Holzhammer - Home Study

ART Technical


Tzain Howe - MUHS

Automotive Technology


Jonny Armell- MAUHS

Caleb Brewer- MAUHS

Tucker Davis - MAUHS

Alex Densmore - MAUHS

Dylan Edgerly - MAUHS

Devin Emmons - MAUHS

Milo Gordon - MUHS

Jacob Poquette - MAUHS

Trent Richardson - VUHS


Andrew Kachmar - VUHS

Cooper LaRoche - MUHS

Nick Madison - VAL

Adam Mansfield - MAUHS

Jordan Visser - VUHS

Civil Engineering & Architecture


Kosmo Ruiz-Warnock - MAUHS

Alex Yaggy - MAUHS

Computer Science Principles


Nathaniel McVeigh - MUHS

Jesse Thomsen - MAUHS


Tyler Chasse - MAUHS

Construction Technology


Sam Collaro - VAL

Lucas Phillips - MAUHS

Derek Vorsteveld - VUHS

Sam Warren - MUHS


Bill Breault - MAUHS

Beau Carpenter - MAUHS

Cameron Castelli - MUHS

Asher Rubright - MUHS

Taylor Stearns - VUHS

Chris Therrien - VUHS

Culinary Arts


Tony Engel - MUHS

Alysa Farley - MUHS

Elizabeth Paige - MUHS

Jared Rancour - MUHS

Ash Raymond - VUHS

Design & Illustration


Justin Bolduc - MAUHS

Carly Browdy Carly - MUHS

Tayden deMeurers - MUHS

Olivia Devino - MAUHS

Celeste Jedlick - MAUHS

Milo Piovano-Marcotte - Home Study

Landon Shubert - MUHS

Kaleb Stearns - VUHS

Tim Takeda - MAUHS

Audrey Tembreull - VUHS

Zachary Welch - MUHS

Zachary Wilkerson - MUHS

Second Year Participants

Alyza Alger - MUHS

Burt Guran - Home Study

Gwen Zeno - MAUHS

Diesel Power Technology


Joshua Ramon - VUHS

Tristan Stearns - MUHS

Engineering Design & Development


Maddie Donaldson - MAUHS

Jocelyn Deering - MUHS

Human Services


Alex Bonavita - MUHS

Vanessa Brown - Adult

Kailyn LaDuke - MUHS


Hannah Cameron - MUHS

Elizabeth Jewell - MAUHS

Kaitlin Taylor - VAL

Industrial Design & Fabrication


Isaac Clifford - MAUHS

Ancel Coburn - MUHS

Tyler Robinson - Home Study

Henry Swan - MUHS

Lolke Vorsteveld - VUHS


Ira Carling - MUHS

Ethan Foster - MUHS

Ben Munkres - MUHS

Jeb Orvis - MAUHS

Medical Professions


Ainsley Busby - MUHS

Reese Fitzgerald - MUHS

Isabelle Gilley - MAUHS

Kenene Otis - MUHS

Jayden Rushton - MUHS

Jordan Shepard - MAUHS

Cami Willsey - MAUHS


Meredith Davignon - MUHS

Alanna Trudeau - MUHS

Natural Resource Management


Max Beazley - MUHS

Owen Bromley - MAUHS

Timothy Curran - Home Study


Cassie Bettis - MUHS

Ian Goodyear - MAUHS

Sustainable Agriculture


Eliza Bent - MAUHS

Lexi Boise - VUHS

Ryley Dubois - VUHS

Kylee Ellis - MUHS

Chloe Forbes - MUHS

Michael Plouffe - MUHS

Abigail Reen - MAUHS

Katherine Whipple - MUHS


Creed Stilwell - MAUHS

National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremony - June 6, 2022

As a member of the National Technical Honor Society, I pledge to maintain the highest standard of personal conduct. I will apply myself to continue a record of scholastic achievement, and I will strive for excellence in all aspects of my education. I will invest my talents, my skills, and my knowledge in a career of my choosing, and shall always endeavor to uphold my obligations as a citizen of my community and my country.

Congratulations to the following students who were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) on June 6, 2022.

Lucas Allen (MAUHS)

Declan Anderson (MUHS)

Keleigh Boise (MAUHS)

Justin Bolduc (MAUHS)

Eli Brace (VUHS)

Caroline Browdy (MUHS)

Isaac Clifford (MAUHS)

Madison Cram (MUHS)

Meredith Davignon (MUHS)

Ian Goodyear (MAUHS)

Augustus Hill (MAUHS)

Maisy Hill (MAUHS)

Alex Rice (VUHS)

Isabella Robideau (MAUHS)

Joshua Sherman (MAUHS)

Taylor Stearns (VUHS)

Thomas Creed Stilwell (MAUHS)

Vanessa Sunderland (MUHS)

Tim Takeda (MAUHS)

Audrey Tembreull (VUHS)

Alanna Trudeau (MUHS)

Derek Vorsteveld (VUHS)

William Wagner (MUHS)

Zachary Wilkerson (MUHS)

FFA Students Compete at State Convention - May 19 & 20

Through our career center satellite program at VUHS, Vergennes FFA students had a wonderful time participating in the first in-person Vermont FFA Convention since 2019. Our Farm and Agri-Business Management team earned 2nd place: McKenzie Bell, Brett Brisson, Megan LaFountaine, Kaydence Pecor, and Isaiah Visser.

We had two Ag Mechanics teams compete. The team of Brett Brisson, Megan LaFountaine, Kaydence Pecor, and Isaiah Visser earned 5th place and scholarships of $1,000 each to the University of Northwestern Ohio. The team of Gerrit Beenen, Jackson Coffey, Zack Norris and Spencer White earned 2nd place and $5,000 each to UNOH.

Spencer White also earned 2nd place individually and another $5,000 to UNOH. This is in addition to Spencer's win at the Skills USA competition a month ago where he earned a $7,000 scholarship to UNOH!

Middlebury FFA Results

First Place Agriculture & Farm Business Management Team

Eliza Bent, 1st place individual

Josh Sherman, 2nd place individual

Malachi Sheldrick, 3rd place individual

Liam Wagner, 4th place individual

Dairy Cattle Judging

Eliza Bent, 2nd place individual

Dairy Cattle Handling

Michael Plouffe, 1st Place Individual

Malachi Sheldrick, 2nd Place Individual

Vanessa Sunderland, 3rd Place Individual

Mackenzie Chase, 4th Place Individual

Maya Huestis, 5th Place Individual

Prepared Public Speaking

Lucas Allen, 1st Place Individual

Ian Goodyear, 2nd Place Individual

Agricultural Mechanics

Spencer White, 2nd place individual

Connor Meacham, 3rd place individual

Agriscience Poster

Mackenzie Chase, 1st place individual

2022-23 Vermont State FFA Association Officers

Katherine Whipple, President

Ian Goodyear, Vice President

Kylee Ellis, Secretary

Lucas Allen, Treasurer

Abigail Reen, Student Advisory

Congratulations to all our FFA members! They represented the career center well.

Game of Logging Competition Results

This event was hosted by New England Woodland Training and held at Green Mountain Technical Center in Hardwick VT on 5/27/22. Eight tech schools were in attendance to compete in chainsaw skills judged by professional loggers.

Lucas Allen - First Place (won a new professional chainsaw)

Ian Goodyear - Second Place (won a helmet and tree felling tools)

Owen Bromley - Fourth Place

Congratulations to these Natural Resource Management students!

Plans After High School for Senior Career Center Students

Congratulations and best wishes to the following PAHCC students as they pursue some awesome opportunities next school year.

Automotive Technology

Caleb Brewer (Mt. Abe) - University of Northwestern Ohio

Dylan Edgerly (Mt. Abe) - Working at Dupont Automotive

Andrew Kachmar (VUHS) - National Guard & University of Northwestern Ohio

Cooper LaRoche (MUHS) - Working at a boat/small engines business

Josh Ramon (VUHS) - Working at Kenneland Farm

Jordan Visser (VUHS) - Working at Allendale Farm

Computer Science Principles

Tyler Chasse (Mt. Abe) - Champlain College - Game Programming

Nat McVeigh (MUHS) - Berkeley School of Music - Music Education

Jesse Thomsen (Mt. Abe) - Champlain College - Game Programming

Design & Illustration

Alyza Alger (MUHS) - Pursuing a career in art and design

Justin Bolduc (MAUHS) - Castleton University - Business (and as many art classes as possible)

Carly Browdy (MUHS) - Maine College of Art

Burt Guran (Home Study) - Apprenticing as a carpenter in Calais, VT

Tim Takeda (Mt. Abe) - Gap year to continue his business 'The Visionaries' and pursue his interest is in the area of fashion

Audrey Tembreull (VUHS) - Westfield State University

Gwen Zeno (Mt. Abe) - Northern Vermont University - Animation

Engineering & Architecture

Kosmo Ruiz-Warnock (Mt. Abe) - Post-secondary school in Australia

Human Services

Alex Bonavita (MUHS) - Working at Mary Johnson Children's Center & University of New Hampshire - Elementary Education

Vanessa Brown (Adult) - Working Part-Time at Otter Creek Child Center

Hannah Cameron (MUHS) - Working at Freedom Rains Early Childhood Center in Colchester, VT

Kailyn LaDuke (MUHS) - Castleton University - Education

Kaitlin Taylor (VAL) - Continue working at Ripton School

Medical Professions

Ainsley Busby (MUHS) - North Country Community College - Nursing

Meredith Davignon (MUHS) - University of Vermont - Nursing

Reese Fitzgerald (MUHS) - University of New Haven, CT - Dental Hygienist

Isabelle Gilley (Mt. Abe) - University of Connecticut - Allied Health Science

Kenene Otis (MUHS) - Landmark College - Undecided

Jayden Rushton (MUHS) - Castleton University - Nursing

Jordyn Shepard (Mt. Abe) - Community College of VT - Allied Health

Alanna Trudeau (MUHS) - Castleton University - Nursing

Cami Willsey (Mt. Abe) - Castleton University - Nursing

Sustainable Agriculture

Eliza Bent (Mt. Abe) - Montana State University - Animal & Equine Science

Lexi Boise (VUHS) - Work full time while pursuing a welding apprenticeship

Ryley Dubois (VUHS) - University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm apprenticeship program

Kylee Ellis (MUHS) - Work full time in a local business and serve as Vermont FFA Association Secretary

Chloe Forbes (MUHS) - Work full time at a local business

Michael Plouffe (MUHS) - Vermont Technical College - Business Management while awaiting the return of the Agribusiness Management program

Abigail Reen (MAUHS) - University of New Hampshire - Agricultural Education and serve as a student advisor for the Vermont FFA Association.

Thomas Creed Stilwell (MAUHS) - University of Vermont - Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Katherine Whipple (MUHS) - University of Vermont - Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Medicine and serve as President of the Vermont FFA Association.

Design & Illustration Student Partners With Local Business

Senior Tim Takeda has partnered with thrift boutique Buy Again Alley in Middlebury to sell his hand silk-screened t-shirts. Tim also sells his wares online through his website, 'The Visionaries'. Tim hopes to continue pursuing his interest in fashion (or perhaps in film). Congratulations on this new part of your business venture, Tim!

Tim was also the recipient of the Buy Again Alley Scholarship Award this year. The $500 scholarship is awarded to a young adult in the Addison County Community who is seeking work training and education other than the traditional college pathway.

Big picture

Mechanical Science Student Uses Her Design Skills

Lexi created the logo and text below and used the new Cricut cutter in Design and Illustration to cut custom vinyl decals for the two John Deere tractors that will compete in the tractor pulling competition at this summer's Addison County Fair and Field Days. Great job, Lexi!
Big picture

Program Advisory Committees

How can community members get involved or support the career center?

State statute requires that each program at the career center have an advisory committee. The committee for each program meets a minimum of twice per school year to review the program and help inform decisions made about the focus and course of study. If you have expertise in one of our program areas and are interested in learning more about how you can help, please contact Jay Stetzel, Assistant Director, at jstetzel@pahcc.org. Thanks.

Career Center Vision & Mission Statements

In the fall of 2019, a team of board members, staff and community members was convened to draft new vision and mission statements, in order to ensure that the Career Center of the Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District (PAHRTSD) continues to meet the needs of students now and in the future. The new vision and mission reflect the voices of students, staff and community members. We are pleased to be able to share the final outcome with our communities.

Vision Statement

We envision a career and technical center that empowers students to be inquisitive, caring and open-minded citizens of local, national and global communities, who engage as lifelong learners and understand and accept different viewpoints and perspectives.

Mission Statement

We provide students with rigorous, hands-on and classroom instruction, robust community partnerships, and project-based learning opportunities that empower and inspire them to build strong work habits, relevant, innovative technical skills, and a sense of personal responsibility as local, national and global citizens while ensuring equity for all participants.

To learn more about the process, please check out our Vision & Mission Development Summary.