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Donner Party

The Donner Party

The Donner Party was when there was about 87 people with the Donner party including some Mexican's and a few Native Americans. Also when the people, went to California from Springfield, IL with a short cut idea from Lanceford Hasting. It went around the lake that would take a lot longer than the short cut by about 5 months.

The Reason Why They Went

The Donner party started going west because of a book named immigrants guide. They were a family that had enough money to live off but wanted more money so then they had less financial worries. So they started west to go for gold and get rich even though most people lost money going for gold. In that book they mentioned a shortcut that will take 7 weeks so they would be there first and have an opportunity to get most land.

The Results

When they went the short cut added about 5 months because of the weather conditions. When they went there was 16 of them and there was only two people that survived which were the daughters. Then when they went out west and stayed there they couldn't because they were too young and their family died. In addition there were a lot of Mexicans trying to move out west to California.

Expanding Worth More then Life

When they went to expand Lance Hastings who wrote the book called "Immigrants Guide to Expansion" never went on the shortcut because he knew it was to dangerous and he didn't want to die trying in addition he wanted to capture California but didn't want to die trying. But he thought it didn't mater if other people died trying to go to the shortcut because the people wants to expand the white religion and race. Also the government wanted to expand and went in extreme conditions. Such as avalanches, storms also many other weather related conditions. So they didn't care because their priority was to expand not peoples lives.

Quick Donner Party History

The Donner Party: A Quick History

Pictures of Donner Party

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