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Dear JEKL: I have recently realized that I could try out for a sport but I am afraid I will embarrass self. Any Tips?

Dear Alex, Just practice in your free time until you are confident enough to try out. If your friends make fun of you, then are they truly your friends? So go out there and try out Alex and good luck!☺

Dear JEKL: My two friends are fighting and they each want me to take their side. I don’t want to get involved but I also don’t want to lose them or hurt their feelings. Any Tips?

Dear Unknown, I can understand how you are feeling. You feel as if a tornado is trying to slowly turn you upside down and pull you limb from limb. If you tell your friend how you feel. Honestly many people have this happen all the time! You could just sit down and have a friendly conversation and tell them how you are feeling. If they still think that you should take one of their sides just take a break and and tell them that you will wait until they are friends again. Good luck!☺

Any problems? E-mail Levi Birditt, Emery Hull, Kendall Murk, and Jimmy Connell
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Interview with Ms. Ince

Is it difficult to be a principal?

The most difficult part of the job for me is wearing all the different hats. When I go home at night, I am exhausted from all the different tasks. However, the exhaustion is worth the feeling I get when I feel I have made a difference in someone’s life or our school culture. The positives of the job outweigh all the challenges I face.

Do you like being the one to make Difficult decisions?

I would not say I like being the one, but decision-making is a part of leadership. The hardest part is knowing I can never make everyone happy. For me, I always go back to this question when I am making a decision---What is best for our students? I have a “kids first” mentality.

Do you like coming to work everyday?

Every day my alarm goes off, I am excited to wake up and come to work. I feel the work we do as educators is extremely important. The smiles on our students’ faces is a constant reminder of why I love coming to work. Our staff’s work ethic and positive attitudes make our environment an enjoyable place to work.

Do you feel like you have strong relationships with your students?

My Twitter Profile, says, “every child deserves a champion”. I truly believe this, and I make a continuous effort to reach each child I meet at Central. Building relationships with our students is a priority of mine.

Is it a joy to have to announce good news?

I love to share good news with our staff and students. I want our students and staff to feel success. Some students believe they cannot be successful or that they will always make mistakes. It is a wonderful feeling to give them a high five or announce their names for something positive!

Is it frustrating not knowing where some of the students are sometimes?
In life there are so many things outside our control. So, I have learned to work the hardest I can every second I have with our students because those seconds might be the difference in a child’s life. Although I know our students sometimes experience difficulties and turmoil, my belief is that our staff provides a sense of hope in our students.

Do you ever get frustrated with some of the teachers?

An effective leader does not show frustration. An effective leader is there to provide support to help all teachers grow to be the best teachers they can become. We have too much work to do as educators to waste time being frustrated.

What are your favorite hobbies?
I love to shop, run, play (now, watch basketball), golf, hang out with my dogs, watch my nephew and nieces, read inspiring stories and books, and learn.