Gay Rights

How We Aren't Equal Yet

The Teen Youth

The attempted suicide rates and suicidal idealization among the lesbian, gay, queer and questioning youth community is comparatively higher among then general population. People use gay, lesbian, queer, and others as an insult to others.
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Attacks not considered a hate crime

In eighteen states, attacking a person in the LGBT community is not considered a hate crime. States like Pennsylvania, Ohio, the southern states and the western states. Only fifteen states supporting the full LGBT community. Fourteen states reorganize only the sexual orientation and two states only recording for data for sexual orientation for hate crimes.
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LBGT Rights

LGBT rights are considered human rights and civil rights. LGBT rights laws include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • allowing of men who have sex with men to donate blood,
  • government recognition of same-sex relationships
  • allowing of LGBT adoption,
  • recognition of LGBT parenting,
  • anti-bullying legislation and student non-discrimination laws to protect LGBT children and/or students,
  • immigration equality laws,
  • anti-discrimination laws for employment and housing,
  • hate crime laws providing enhanced criminal penalties for prejudice-motivated violence against LGBT people,
  • equal age of consent laws,
  • equal access to assisted reproductive technology
  • access to sex reassignment surgery and hormone replacement therapy
  • legal recognition and accommodation of reassigned gender,
  • and laws related to sexual orientation and military service.
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