Symbolism in Lord of the Flies

The Conch Shell

The Conch

The conch shell was found by Ralph which helped him with his leadership. The shell was actually very powerful until the end of the book. It determined who spoke at the meetings and piggy always asked for the conch to speak. To Ralph it was what civilized everyone during the meeting so everyone wasn't talking all at once.
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Lord of the Flies (2/11) Movie CLIP - Whoever Holds the Conch Gets to Speak (1990) HD

The Conch at the Beginning

In the beginning of the Lord of the Flies Ralph said that the boys should have meetings and the person with the conch would speak. Chapter 1 talks about the conch the most. It helped everyone find each other and even helped Ralph become leader "him with the shell, let him be chief with the trumpet-thing". Even Jack respected the conch "laid the conch with great care in the grass by his feet".
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The Conch at the End

Towards the end of chapter nine Ralph loses power and so does the conch. And Jack gains power, he is considered the new leader and the conch has no power in his group "You left it behind, See, clever? And the conch doesn't count at this end of the island". So the song relates to Ralph because he lost his power and pretty much the conch.